Looking to scrap your car?

Irrespective of the exact condition, size or location of your car, if you are looking to recycle your car, there’s really only one company to which you should turn. Scrap Cars for Cash is the UK’s leading purchaser of damaged and repairable vehicles.

The scrap car industry has unfortunately attracted a rather disreputable reputation over the years as a result of the widespread intentional underpaying of customers. You may have encountered such a company yourself, having called them to agree one price, only to find that the representative that comes to collect your vehicle is determined to reduce it further. He or she may have even added insult to injury by throwing in some prohibitive collection fees for you to pay.

It isn’t exactly surprising, then, that so many people are hesitant when recycling a vehicle. That is why we are so keen to emphasise that there are no nasty hidden charges or fees to deal with when you sell your vehicle to us. Not only do we offer the best prices in the industry, in fact, bolstered by our Price Guarantee promise, but we also collect your vehicle for free and do so at a convenient time, as we try our best to work around your other commitments.

Our Scrap & Salvage Services

Throughout the UK, Scrap Cars For Cash provides its customers with a reliable scrap car collection service. With just a postcode and registration number, we can provide our customers with a free, quick auto value that comes with a guarantee on all of our rates. Additionally, we offer a wide range of services, including nationwide pickup, rescuing old cars and vans, and scrapping them for cash. Check out a few of our services below!

Scrap My Car

To sell your car for the most money, use Scrap Cars For Cash. No matter where you live, we guarantee that we can put you in touch with a local buyer ready to exchange your car for the money you are owed. When you scrap your cars with us, you pay nothing. The price you are quoted over the phone is the price you will pay, and transactions are completed swiftly.

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Scrap My Van

Do you currently have a damaged or outdated van? Vans can be quoted by Scrap Cars For Cash in the same way that cars are. We work with a large network of skilled purchasers that have a wealth of knowledge and experience in buying and maintaining used trucks, fleet cars, and commercial vans.

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Scrap Car Collection

If you’re looking for the most efficient and accommodating scrap auto collection service available, you’ve come to the right spot. We can put you in touch with a local buyer, regardless of how old or in what condition your automobile is.

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Salvage Cars

Simply put, salvage breathes new life into old cars that might otherwise end up in scrap. If the cost of the work itself is the only thing preventing you from getting your car running again, it may be time to consider salvage.

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Our scrap car prices team offer ultimate peace of mind:

When you recycle your car for money with another company, you are far from guaranteed to get the best quality service. The firm may be disorganised, with the driver who is supposed to collect your car arriving late and even taking your vehicle without paying. Your chosen company may not even complete the required DVLA paperwork, with waste often not being recycled either.

We pride ourselves on being genuinely friendly and helpful. We have a national network of collectors that will pay you the best scrap car prices, willingly matching any genuine quote from a recognised competitor. Nor do we neglect any of that vital paperwork, not only helping you to fill out the DVLA forms but also issuing you with a COD (certificate of destruction) on request.

Nationwide, we collect hundreds of vehicles a day, making use of our large number of recovery trucks, which are all driven by the most friendly and helpful professionals. We also hold all of the necessary licenses for waste management and waste carriers.

There’s another great reason to recycle your car with us, however: our environmental friendliness. While it may have once been customary for many cars to be taken without their tyres, so difficult was it to dispose of them, there has since been millions of pounds of investment in the industry to allow for greater recycling. We are at the forefront of this new era of eco responsibility, making use of only environmentally approved recycling facilities, at which we recycle as much as possible.

So, when the time comes for you to say goodbye to your end of life vehicle, make sure you get a quote by filling in the form above or ringing us on 08443 761 020.