Salvage Cars

If your car is sold as salvage, it means that it’s sustained some damage but isn’t ready to be scrapped outright. The buyer will put the car to use in one of two ways; they may repair the car back to a roadworthy state, or they might take parts from it and transplant them into another vehicle in need. A salvage vehicle that’s put back onto the road will also be assigned a category based on the level of damage it’s received: A, B, S or N.

  • Category A – Scrap: Unfortunately, a Category A car is actually damaged beyond a salvageable standard and instead the entire vehicle must be scrapped.
  • Category B – Break: The outer shell of the car must be crushed as the vehicle is irreparable, but other parts may be salvaged and reused.
  • Category S – Structural: The first category deeming that a car can be repaired, despite suffering structural damage.
  • Category N – Non-Structural: The vehicle is repairable and has not suffered structural damage.

How to Sell Your Car for Salvage

If you want to sell your vehicle for salvage, you’re in the right place. Scrap Cars For Cash works with specialist buyers who know how to get the most out of every part of a car, recycling and repurposing as much as possible with the aim of revitalising another car or getting yours back in action. 

We’ll find you a quote for the best salvage price in under a minute and once you’ve selected the offer that’s best for you, you’ll be able to arrange collection from anywhere in the country – and it won’t cost you a penny.

At that point, you’ve done your bit and can relax knowing that a professional collector will be around to pick up the car, often within an hour! Once the driver has seen the relevant documentation to prove the car is indeed yours to sell, you can wave your motor goodbye.

Getting the Best Deal for Your Salvage Car

The scrap and salvage industry is becoming increasingly competitive, which is why Scrap Cars For Cash collects and compares the best for you to take your pick from. But, you may ask, what if I find a better price elsewhere? Well, come back to us and we’ll try our best to match it and ensure you’re always getting the best deal and service that the market can offer.

Not only will you get the best deal, you’re also guaranteed to receive top class service from reliable and reputable salvage dealers. Despite heavy regulations on the industry, there are some scrap and salvage companies that attempt to skirt around these rules to maximise their own profits with illegal methods. Scrap Cars For Cash wants nothing to do with these buyers, instead selecting only the most professional Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) to work alongside.

Our UK Salvage Locations

We work with salvage buyers stationed across the nation, so wherever you find yourself, we can put you in touch with a reliable ATF willing to offer you a great price for your car. Our extensive fleet recovery vehicles allows this, and more – we also offer free scrap collection from absolutely anywhere in the UK. No value knocked off your quoted salvage price. No hidden fees.

How Much Will I Get For My Salvage Car?

The value you’ll be offered varies depending on multiple factors. The make and model are important, as is the age and overall condition of the car. If you’re selling after an accident in which the vehicle has sustained damage, some parts may not be reusable which could lower your offer price. But, regardless of the condition, we can still guarantee to find you the best quotes that the market can offer.

Should I Sell My Car as Salvage or Scrap?

It’s impossible to give a definitive answer here, but when presented with a car in a reasonable condition, a Scrap Cars For Cash ATF is likely to offer you more money to sell it as salvage. If the vehicle is still fitted with reusable parts, or better still, can be fixed up and put back on the road, our buyers will be able to give you a better deal for your car as salvage.

Salvage Cars FAQ

What Paperwork Will I Need to Sell My Car as Salvage?

If you want to sell your car as salvage, the overall price you’ll be offered could increase based on how many documents you can gather regarding the car’s history. The V5C logbook along with the vehicle’s MOT and service history will be a big help, but any other paperwork detailing any work that’s been done the car could be vital in securing you an even better price.

Can I Salvage My Car If It Won’t Start?

Scrap Cars For Cash partners with salvage buyers who are able to work with even the most challenging vehicles, so as long as your car is physically able to be collected using their trucks and equipment, your car can be assessed to see if it’s salvageable or better suited to the scrap heap.

Can I Sell a Repairable Car?

Yes, it’s easy to sell a car that needs work. Our network of dealers can often extract and reuse even the smallest parts of your car. Scrap Cars For Cash will work out the value of your car, but we can take it from you in any condition.

What Happens to Salvage Cars?

Salvage cars are, initially, handled the same way as scrap cars. They’re taken to an ATF but rather than meeting the crusher, they’re looked over to determine whether they’re worth repairing or using as a ‘donor’ for other vehicles. They’ll then be sorted into one of the categories listed above and they’ll either be made roadworthy once again or ultimately crushed down to be recycled.

If your car has served you well but is ready for a new life in its recycled form, sell it as salvage with Scrap Cars For Cash. Call 08443 761 020 and speak to our sales team, or get a quote instantly using our online valuation tool to find out how much profit you could make. Our buyers will even collect it at no extra cost from anywhere in the country.