Scrap a car in London

Scrap Cars For Cash help drivers sell their vehicles nationwide, including in London. We’ve collected thousands of cars, vans and motorbikes throughout England’s capital, from Hounslow to Havering and everywhere in-between. We also aim to use auto scrap yards (ATFs) within this area.

One of the busiest cities in the world, London is home to almost 3 million passenger cars, with many drivers clearly not put off by congestion charges and low emission zones. So, with so many cars that will one day reach the end of their lives, it’s no surprise that London hosts a lot of Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) which breakdown, scrap or salvage these vehicles.

Don’t waste your time getting quotes from each, one by one. Scrap Cars For Cash will do the hard work for you, getting you quotes from every ATF in your local area instantly, allowing you to browse the offers at your leisure. You won’t even need to leave your living room. We can even arrange for your car, van or bike to be collected at no extra charge!

All of our ATF partners are fully licensed professionals with years of experience. There are strict, legal protocols regarding car recycling – at least 95% of every vehicle must be recycled – and we only work with auto junk yards that abide by these regulations.

London Areas We Serve

Scrap Cars For Cash can help you sell your car whether you’re in north, south, east or west London, we’ll find a buyer for your vehicle. Below are some of the areas we’ve operated in over the years:

Scrap your Vehicle in London

If you’re looking to scrap your car in London, we can help! It doesn’t matter the size, age, condition, make or model of your car – our knowledgeable team can assist in ensuring you get the best price possible for your old motor. The same is true for if you’re looking to scrap your van or scrap your truck. We can help you to get the most competitive price for scrapping any vehicle.


Where can I scrap my car in London?

Through Scrap Cars for Cash, it’s so easy to find the best place to scrap a car near you. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Brixton, Tower Bridge or further afield, we can find a vehicle scrap yard to secure you the best price.

How much to scrap my car in London?

It’s 100% free to scrap your car with Scrap Cars for Cash. The other question we get asked, is how much will I make from scrapping my car? The simple answer is that this depends on the going rate for scrap value. The price is mostly determined by the weight of the car, but other factors like the make and model of the car can also play a part in the final price.

How can I scrap my car in London?

To get started, pop your reg number and postcode into the form for an instant quote. We’ll then take you through the steps and paperwork. When you’re ready to wave goodbye to your motor, we offer free collection too.