Scrap a car in London

Join us this year in keeping London streets clear of scrap & damaged vehicles. We’ve collected thousands of vehicles throughout London, from Hounslow to Havering and everywhere in-between.

Our Authorised Treatment Facilities are government recognised sites and selected for their high standards in End of life vehicle recycling, with an average scrap recycling rate of 85% of the vehicles weight. This means that 85% of your car, van or motorcycle will go on to be used again.

Scrap Cars for Cash London are advocates of the keeping Britain Clean Scheme and with a capital City like ours, we are proud to do so. London attracts around 30 Million tourists every year. That’s 30 Million people looking into our backyard. Removing scrap cars from our streets is of the utmost importance, and we are here to help. By removing these vehicles from our roads, we are not only cleaning up visually but we are improving the quality of life for London and its dwellers. Older cars are far less fuel efficient than newer builds and throw out emissions that are harmful to the environment and ultimately our lungs. If your well being is not a good enough incentive, then maybe your wallet is. We pay top prices for all vehicles and in the most expensive City in the world to park in, the sooner you contact us for your vehicle collection, the better.

Scrap Car Collection in the London area:

Our large fleet of vehicles means that we can run very efficient collection routes. For you, the customer, it means your damaged vehicle removal will happen quickly and efficiently. For us, it means that we are saving in fuel costs and therefore reducing emissions that smaller collectors would be producing. This really is one of the biggest advantages of using Scrap Cars For Cash, as we are running trucks 24/7 picking up everything from motorbikes to large vans.

If your vehicle is better than scrap, then we’ll look at sending it to one of our specialist buyers. We regularly quote on MOT failures, crash damage and repairable vehicles. Our network of scrap & salvage car buyers offer the most competitive prices available in the industry. Newer vehicles can also fetch higher prices, from which we may be able to salvage engines, gear boxes, etc….

Watch out for the cowboys of the industry. They use several tactics to cheat you out of the cash you deserve for your vehicle:

– Quoting high and then asking the driver to haggle on collection is a common one. This is highly irritating and usually ends up with the customer out of pocket.

– Charging a collection fee at time of pick up. All of our offers come with a FREE collection included so the price we quote is always the price we pay!