Scrap Cars For Cash Cookies Policy

Scrap Cars For Cash uses cookies to improve the ease with which you can browse our site when visiting multiple times. This policy page will explain how, why and which cookies are used.


What Is a ‘Cookie’?

On the internet, a cookie is a portion of data that is stored on your device by the browser that you are using. They allow the website to remember you and your previous choices, like email addresses used or items left in your online shopping basket between site visits. Whilst you can choose to block cookies, it may affect the useability of the website you’re browsing, so it’s often a good idea to allow them.


Types Of Cookies

There are several types of cookies which different websites may utilise to improve your experience as a user:


First-Party Cookies

These cookies belong to the website you are using.


Third-Party Cookies

These cookies belong to another and are placed on your device with authorisation from the website you’re using. Often, these are used by the website owner to track its performance.


Session Cookies

These cookies store information about your current session on a website, allowing you to return to a page at the same point at a later time.


Persistent Cookies

These cookies relate to preferences that affect user settings, like the language used or accessibility functions.


What Cookies Do Scrap Cars For Cash Use?

Scrap Cars For Cash uses cookies from WordPress (first-party) and Google Analytics (third-party).



A WordPress cookie is used to run this website and improve the user experience to benefit you while you’re here. More information on WordPress cookies can be found here:


Google Analytics

A Google Analytics cookie enables us to examine how our website is performing based on the visitors we receive, including demographic information and how our visitors initially arrived at our website. This information allows us to tailor the content on our website to better serve its visitors and customers. More information on Google Analytics cookies can be found here:


Can Cookies Be Deleted From My Device?

Absolutely – cookies can be deleted and removed from your device. This is usually done via your browser’s History menu. Be aware that once cookies are deleted, any information that you previously authorised and entered (like location settings, email addresses or even saved passwords) will also be forgotten by the website.


Any Questions?

If you’re still not sure how cookies are used on our website, or if you’d like more information about any of our services, get in touch with Scrap Cars For Cash by phone on 08443 761 020.