How To Scrap A Car

There are various reasons why you may want to know how to scrap a car. You may have become interested after your vehicle was involved in a nasty shunt or failed its MOT. It’s also possible that the car is simply unwanted or a non-runner.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to know the intricate details of the car scrappage process, you may be interested to know that here at Scrap cars for cash, we buy not only cars but also other vehicles such as motorbikes and vans… and of course, the particulars are much the same regardless. So, read on!

Finding the right car scrappage company

Anyone who wants to know how to scrap a car must first become familiar with the modern state of the scrappage industry. Long gone are the days when you might have paid a company to take your car away, with the tyres often removed on account of the difficulty involved in their disposal. Today, it’s not just the metal bodywork of a car that is worth something, but also other components, from the alloy wheels and exhaust to the engine and gearbox. Even the tyres have many potential applications for reuse, such as music studio sound insulation.

With some two million cars being scrapped in the UK each year and as much as 85% of a car’s weight being reused, you can see that there are plenty of opportunities to make money, even if your vehicle consists of a large amount of less expensive materials such as fibreglass.

That is not to suggest, however, that every company that you approach is necessarily going to provide the quality of service that you require – or even the money to which you are entitled. You would be surprised, in fact, by the great number of companies that are mere disreputable ‘one man bands’, not only being disorganised and failing to turn up at the agreed collection time, but also bartering on the previously agreed price once the collector finally does arrive.

The result could be that you are left crippled by previously unmentioned collection fees or an amount of money for your vehicle that is just a fraction of what it could have been, had you chosen a more reputable company… such as Scrap cars for cash.

Scrap a car the right way

All that it takes to start the process with us is to give us a call on 0844 3761020 (UK rate) or 01243 20 10 10, or complete and submit our online collection form. We’ll call you back with our offer and, should you accept it, will also be able to arrange a convenient collection time. Then, your vehicle will be collected and you will receive your payment in cash – which, by the way, will not be a penny less than you were quoted, thanks to our price guarantee.

It is one thing to learn how to make money from an old vehicle, but it’s another thing to undergo the process with a truly reputable firm such as Scrap cars for cash. Contact us now, and you’ll discover that we really do know how to scrap a car.