For over a decade Scrap Cars For Cash has been helping drivers across Wales and the rest of the UK to sell their cars, vans or motorbikes, no matter their condition, for the best price and in the quickest way possible – including free collection.

From the Llandudno on the north coast all the way down to Barry Island, Wales features some of the most picturesque locations in Britain as you wind your way through the valleys. Nestled within these pockets of beauty is a plethora of scrap yards and salvage dealers waiting to get their hands on your old vehicle. Calling every scrapyard within a sensible radius of your home is never going to be a viable option for anyone. For starters it takes time to call everyone to be able to check prices – which in an ever-changing market you simply don’t have. You also have no guarantees of the respectability of the person you’re working with.

With Scrap Cars For Cash, all of those fears are removed. We compare offers from your local buyers, and we only deal with fully licensed Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs). We never deal with scrap dealers without full legal authorisation and all of our partners are experienced and trustworthy and will even come and collect your car for free wherever you call home.

Areas of Wales we serve

Scrap Cars For Cash covers the whole of the United Kingdom, meaning we can help you out if you’re a city dweller or more rural. Below is a list of all of the major locations across Wales that we’ve served:

Scrap your Vehicle in Wales

If you’re looking to scrap your car in Wales, we can help! It doesn’t matter the size, age, condition, make or model of your car – our knowledgeable team can assist in ensuring you get the best price possible for your old motor. The same is true for if you’re looking to scrap your van or scrap your truck. We can help you to get the most competitive price for scrapping any vehicle. We take care to only work with certified scrap metal dealers, but this government resource is here for your extra peace of mind.


We understand that selling your car is a major decision, especially if it could mean your car is scrapped at the end of it. We’ve put together a handy collection of frequently asked questions so you can make sure you’re making the right decision before accepting any offers.

Where can I scrap my car in Wales?

Through Scrap Cars for Cash, it’s so easy to find the best place to scrap a car near you. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Anglesey, Caerphilly or further afield, we can find a vehicle scrap yard to secure you the best price.

How much to scrap my car in Wales?

It’s 100% free to scrap your car with Scrap Cars for Cash. The other question we get asked, is how much will I make from scrapping my car? The simple answer is that this depends on the going rate for scrap value. The price is mostly determined by the weight of the car, but other factors like the make and model of the car can also play a part in the final price.

How can I scrap my car in Wales?

To get started, pop your reg number and postcode into the form for an instant quote. We’ll then take you through the steps and paperwork. When you’re ready to wave goodbye to your motor, we offer free collection too.

About Us

Visit our About Us page to find out more on how Scrap Cars For Cash has helped Welsh car owners sell their End-of-Life vehicles for the best price in the quickest possible way.