Getting the best scrap car prices in the UK

There was a time when, far from scrap car prices being competitive, they were actually non-existent. That’s right: once upon a time, this more accurately referred to the amount of money that people had to pay just to get someone to remove their damaged vehicles. That’s far from the case now, though. Today, we are seeing a burgeoning scrap metal industry, as more and more companies realise that metal is money.

It makes sense, then, to choose a firm that offers only the very best industry prices for your vehicle… a firm such as Scrap cars for cash.

Not only are some two million cars now disposed of each year in the UK, but you can sell your damaged van, motorbike, car or other vehicle to a company that has a national network of collectors that allows it to pay the highest possible prices. Even if you find a great genuine quote from a recognised competitor, we will match it. But even if you do find yourself more tempted by that other company, we would advise you to be careful, given the great number of far-from-reputable firms out there.

How can companies that offer great deals be disreputable?

The unfortunate news is that this can occur very easily, with our industry having attracted a less-than-stellar reputation over the years. Whilst there are many companies out there that can offer you great deals, there are far fewer that will stick to that agreement when their driver comes to collect your vehicle. There are, in fact, many stories of prospective customers being quoted one tempting value by a scammer, only for it to be reduced by way of prohibitive extra fees at the collection stage.

These companies lure you in by quoting you an inflated and unrealistic price in the first place, before taking advantage of your desperation to get rid of your vehicle when they do finally arrive to collect it. So, how can you be sure of great deals that don’t come with a nasty drawback or two?

The more reputable operators, like ourselves, are perfectly transparent as to how we arrive at their quotes. In our case, we gather all of the details about your car before ascertaining an appropriate quote that is firmly based on the present state of the market. We book a time when your car will definitely be collected, pay you on collection and provide you with a receipt for the transaction. Our vehicle recovery service is free of charge, so you can be sure of how much money you are truly pocketing from the sale of your vehicle to us.

When we give you a quote on the phone or via email – that is guaranteed to be the amount we pay. There are many factors that affect scrap car prices and that may have a significant impact in future. So, why miss the opportunity to get in touch and take advantage of the presently very healthy scrap car prices that we can offer?