Scrap & Salvage Car FAQ’s


lots of scrapped cars piled up in front of a blue sky

How do I know I am getting the right cash for my car?

We operate a fast turnover business which is well networked allowing us to pay top prices for your vehicle. In the unlikely event that you get a quote higher than ours, we will always try to match it.

How long does it take for my scrap car to be collected?

We have a large fleet of recovery vehicles and employ drivers around the clock to ensure your scrap car is removed punctually and at a time convenient to you. In many cases, we can be with you in the same hour!

Can I claim back unused road tax?

Yes – Simply fill out a V14 form from the post office or take a look at the DVLA website for further advice and instruction on how to do so.

What areas do you collect scrap cars from?

We operate over all the UK, offering free collection no matter where you are.

Can my car be collected on the weekend?

Yes – We understand that you do not want to mess around your working schedule, so we operate 7 days a week to guarantee your car gets picked up as quickly and efficiently as possible. We can even arrange an evening or early morning slot.

Do I have to notify DVLA that the car has been picked up?

No – Our collection agents will fill out the logbook and ensure you are clear of how the system works

What Documents Do I Need to Scrap My Car?

It is important to have some form of personal ID when scrapping your car. Along with a V5C and a Certificate of Destruction. All the information you need can be found in our article linked above.

Can I Sell or Scrap a Car on Finance?

Due to the nature of financed cars, vans or any vehicle, you don’t actually own them until your finance period is over. That is an immediate stumbling block when it comes to salvaging a car with finance still lingering over your head. If you want to be able to salvage your car, you’ll need to arrange with your lender a way of paying off the remainder of your finance agreement before any salvage deals can be made. 

Can I Scrap A Car That’s Not Registered To Me?

Despite the introduction of laws aiming to reduce stolen car sales, it is possible to scrap a vehicle that’s not registered in your name. That being said, the process to do so is a little bit more complicated than if the logbook had your name on it.

Can I Scrap My Motorcycle?

did you know that it’s not only those vehicles with four wheels that can be sold as scrap. Scrap Cars For Cash can also scrap or salvage your motorcycle!

Can I Scrap A Car Without Keys?

So, you don’t have the keys for your car but you can still sell it as scrap. The process just works slightly differently for all parties.

Can I Scrap My Car Without A V5C?

Yes – you can scrap your vehicle without the V5C logbook, and Scrap Cars For Cash is happy to oblige.

How to SORN a car?

Applying for a SORN is an easy and, importantly, free process, and there are a range of options open to you to make the application.

By far the easiest way is to apply online via the “Register your car as off the road” page of the website.

Should I Remove The Fuel Before Scrapping My Vehicle?

For health and safety reasons, we need to get straight to the point with this one: We do not recommend emptying your car’s fuel tank ahead of its collection. If done incorrectly, this fuel removal process can be very dangerous and harmful, not only for yourself but also for the environment.

Should I Scrap My Cat S Car?

Scrapping it, or selling it as salvage, on the other hand, is a quick and painless process – at least, it is with Scrap Cars For Cash. Scrapping it solo would require you to call around to every scrap yard in the land to find the best price, plus you’d also have to arrange for the vehicle to be transported to them. That in itself can be a costly expense. With Scrap Cars For Cash, there is no such hassle.

How to Sell a Damaged Car

It’s important to be honest about the condition of your car from when you start the sale process, make sure you are completely clear from the outset on the condition of your car. Being honest also helps to ensure you get an accurate idea of how much people are willing to pay for your damaged car.

Make sure you accurately report things like your vehicle’s MOT history, mileage and faults. This makes it easier for our experts to analyse all aspects of your car’s value to give you a quote there and then.