Can I Scrap A Car Not In My Name?

There are many regulations in place these days to prevent theft and fraud within the world of car scrapping and salvaging. In fact, back in 2013 the government introduced the Scrap Metal Dealers Act which, amongst other things, prohibited the purchase of scrap metal with physical cash. The reasoning behind this was to ensure that stolen vehicles weren’t able to be quickly sold on without a trace. So, you might think that scrapping a car that you’re not the named owner of is completely out of the question, but would you be correct? Let Scrap Cars For Cash explain all…

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Can I Scrap A Car That’s Not Registered To Me?

Despite the introduction of laws aiming to reduce stolen car sales, it is possible to scrap a vehicle that’s not registered in your name. That being said, the process to do so is a little bit more complicated than if the logbook had your name on it.

You’ll need to ensure that you have the relevant documentation that’s required when scrapping a car, plus you’ll also need proof that you’ve been given permission to sell the vehicle as scrap.

All in all, you’ll need the V5C featuring the car owner’s name and filled in by them if possible, alongside a letter from the owner giving you permission to act on their behalf and scrap the vehicle.

You will also need to present two other documents in the owner’s name: a utility bill and photo ID. A form of photo ID is actually required and must be presented to the collector of the car whether you’re scrapping someone else’s or your own. This was another of the regulations to stem from the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013.

Selling A Car As Scrap When Somebody Dies

It’s a sensitive subject, but it’s inevitable that some people will find themselves in this situation. If a family member dies and you end up with their car, you can contact the DVLA to get it transferred into your name so that you become the owner.

But, if the car is ready to be scrapped anyway, you’ll be able to arrange this as long as you’ve got the right documentation to hand, including everything listed in the previous section, minus the permission letter of course. So, that’s the V5C and, if possible, photo ID and a utility bill belonged to the deceased owner. It would also be a good idea to obtain the death certificate of the owner.

Don’t forget that after the car has been scrapped, a Certificate of Destruction will be issued but you’ll still need to inform the DVLA of the outcome along with the details of the car owner’s death.

Looking To Scrap Or Sell Your Car?

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