Sell Your Car For Parts

If you’ve got a non-runner sitting in your garage or on your driveway, then scrapping it is by far the fastest and easiest way of making as much money as possible in the shortest amount of time. However, if you’ve got enough time on your hands to sit down with a spanner, you could find a few more pennies rolling their way into your bank account.

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Will I make more money if I sell my car for parts?

There is no definitive way to say how much money you could make through selling a car for parts against scrapping it entirely as each individual case has its own nuances that will influence the final total. If your car’s damage is limited to one small area, but is enough to make the repair work economically nonsensical, then removing the remaining usable parts could seem like a good option to get a little more cash at the end of the day.

However, it’s important to take stock of your own personal situation. While on the face of it you could make some money, you have to figure out whether you are able to make the most out of it. There are three major requirements before you even consider breaking a car up yourself.

  • Time. Do you actually have the time to spend doing the work? If you’re going to undertake this role yourself, you need to be able to devote a lot of time to getting it done properly. Breaking a car up into parts isn’t something that can be done in just one afternoon and will likely take a number of days before you’ve been able to get the entire collection of usable parts together and prepared, ready to be sold. 

From then, it’s a waiting game for your parts to be sold at all – especially if selling on auction websites such as eBay or Facebook Marketplace. It could be weeks before you find a buyer willing to pay what you’ve asked for, and you may need to consider dropping your expected price if sales seem slow. When you add it all together, it could be months before you’re able to work out the final figure, and even then it’s likely to come to your account in small increments rather than one lump sum..

  • Space. A broken vehicle is not small, no matter what it is. Even a knackered old two-door hatchback is big enough to take up a garage or driveway, so you’ll need to be prepared for it to be clogging up that space for a considerable amount of time while you work on it. It’s also important to note that the space required to store a car and the space required to work on them are two very different things. You’ll need to ensure you have plenty of room to get in, around and under the car in order to get what you need out safely and securely. 

Once they’re out, you’ll need somewhere to store the parts so they’re not in danger of being damaged. Just piled up in the corner of your garage is unlikely to keep the parts in the best condition, meaning when you finally get round to selling them, their value will have plummeted and all of your hard work has gone to waste. Likewise, if you were to leave them out in the open, you run the risk of not only weather related problems, but also theft. 

  • Skill. The final, and arguably most important, factor in whether or not you should break your car up for parts or not – can you actually do it yourself? Most people are more than capable of changing wiper blades, checking your oil or pumping up your tyres, and while these are all important parts of car maintenance, they’re a world away from the type of work you’re going to be getting yourself in for here. You need to know exactly what you’re looking for, and exactly what to do to get it from where it is, to where you’re going to keep it, without breaking it. Even the slightest slip could render the part worthless. Make sure you have the correct tools and the knowledge to remove everything, otherwise you could end up costing yourself money – or even a trip to the hospital – rather than making profit.

If you’re lacking in just one of these three parameters, then selling your car for parts becomes a much more risky business, and at that point it’s better off considering selling the entire car to someone who knows what they’re doing – and that’s where Scrap Cars For Cash comes in. 

The Best Price with No Hassle

Here at Scrap Cars For Cash, we don’t only deal with cars destined for the crusher, and we work with a nationwide network of specialist salvage buyers waiting to get their hands on broken cars. These buyers will take your car away and do all the work on it that you could not, breaking it down into usable components and either selling them on or using them to repair other broken cars. As a result, the amount of money they expect to be able to make from your car will be reflected in your quote, guaranteeing you the very best price available without the need to carry out any work yourself.

Free Collection and no hidden costs

Thanks to a nationwide network of scrap and salvage specialist buyers waiting to buy your broken vehicle, Scrap Cars For Cash is able to provide free collection anywhere in the country. That means whether you’re up in Scotland or down on the Jurassic Coast, we’re able to provide the service, and it won’t cost you a penny. The price you are quoted – providing you were accurate with your description from the outset – is the price you are paid. There are no hidden costs or fees with Scrap Cars For Cash.

Quick and Easy Quotes

If you’ve got a broken car sitting with no signs of it getting sorted any time soon, then you’ll be pleased to know it could be a problem of your past in just a matter of days. By using Scrap Cars For Cash’s online quote generator, or by calling 0844 3761020 (UK rate) or 01243 20 10 10 we can find you the best price in just a matter of moments, and before you know it arrangements will be made to take it off your hands, leaving you with nothing but money in your bank account.