Car Scrappage

Car Scrappage with the best UK prices

When your car reaches the end of its life, disposing of it isn’t as simple as throwing it in the bin. It’s a process that requires time and care from skilled, experienced technicians who can identify exactly which parts of the vehicle can be salvaged, which components need to be crushed while also taking into account the fact that at least 95% of every car, van or motorbike they work on must, by law, be recycled!

From the car owner’s point of view, it’s also a time that can be very stressful, with the average driver having no idea what their car should be valued at on the scrap or salvage market, combined with the concern that the scrap dealer you choose to sell your vehicle to might not be quite as legitimate as they claim to be.

Scrap Cars For Cash aims to ease these concerns by presenting you with a collection of the best prices for your car from scrap dealers within our network, which is comprised exclusively of licensed professionals with years of experience.

cars stacked in a scrapyard

How Our Scrappage Car Services Work

Operating nationwide, Scrap Cars For Cash is partnered with Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) to simplify the car scrapping process and make it profitable for YOU! With just your vehicle’s registration number and your postcode, we can track down the best quotes for your car, van or bike and display them to you so that you can pick the best one for you.

We guarantee that we can find you the best prices for your scrap car within the local area by monitoring the scrap metal market – which is rapidly changing – to keep on top of any dips or peaks in value. Plus, we can immediately take into account the make and model of your vehicle, which is a crucial detail in coming to a valuation. Metal is money, so the more your motor is made from, the better. Selling a big vehicle? The base value (before condition, age and mileage are considered) could be pleasantly surprising!

Scrap Cars For Cash also offers free collection for your vehicle, no matter where in the UK you might be. Once you have accepted an offer, a collection agent will be in touch so that you can arrange a date and time for the car to be picked up when it suits you. There’s no catch or hidden fees – this part of our service really is included at no extra cost!

Other Reasons To Choose Scrap Cars For Cash

We appreciate that selling your car as scrap for cash may still seem like a daunting process, so we’ve put together a few more important ways that Scrap Cars For Cash helps make your life easier.

Paperwork Handled By Us

When selling a vehicle, regardless of whether or not it’s destined for the scrap heap, there’s a lot of documentation that needs to be dealt with. This is all for a good reason, aiming to reduce the number of cars that are stolen and promptly scrapped for some quick cash without a paper trail, but that doesn’t mean it’s not frustrating and confusing.

Scrap Cars For Cash and our ATF technicians will handle the complex paperwork for you, meaning that all you need to do once an offer is accepted is to present your ID and ownership documents to the collection agent. Then, you will need to contact DVLA to notify them that you are no longer the owner of the vehicle; unfortunately, we’re not allowed to do that part for you.

Nationwide Scrappage Service

Scrap Cars For Cash operates across the whole of the UK, seeking out top offers for your car whether you’re down south in Cornwall, up in the Scottish Highlands or even across the water in Northern Ireland. Our network of ATF partners contains enough scrap dealers to ensure we can find you the most suitable local service based on your location.

By The Book

At Scrap Car Comparison, we only work with ATFs that are fully licensed and guaranteed to do everything in line with legal regulations. That means that our buyers will always recycle the required percentage of your vehicle and pay you appropriately; cash payments are illegal, so if you go it alone and find a scrap dealer offering cash, they are not legitimate.

Price Guarantee

Once you accept an offer from one of our scrap dealers, that price is confirmed and guaranteed. Our collection agents will never attempt to renegotiate on price unless the vehicle you’re selling appears to be in a condition different than that which was initially described.

The scrappage prices that we quote include the free collection of your car, while at every stage of your relationship with us, you will be thankful for the helpfulness and friendliness of our drivers and office staff. Simply put, Scrap Cars For Cash offers the complete car scrappage service – so why wait any longer to get in touch with us?