Car Scrappage

It used to be the case that any company specialising incar scrappage would charge you to take your unwanted vehicle off your hands, rather than paying you. These days, of course, the situation is very different, with the scrappage industry thriving and vehicle owners able to command very competitive prices. There’s a simple reason for all of that: metal is money, and more than that, there are so many more parts of a vehicle that can now be recycled. It’s certainly a far cry from the days when your car’s tyres would have to be removed before it was taken away; such was the difficulty of disposing of them.

However, one of the definite downsides of the burgeoning industry for car scrappage is the tendency for opportunists and scammers to emerge. Whether you have scrapped vehicles before or are completely new to this process, you need to be very wary of such companies. They are often less than transparent as far as the process by which they determine a price for your car is concerned. The result is that so many such firms quote you an unrealistically high price for your car, only to barter on the price when the driver arrives to collect it.

It is for these reasons that you are strongly advised to look for a company that not only pays the best prices in the industry, assisted by a national network of collectors, but that also guarantees to pay any price that is quoted to you via email or on the phone. More than that, the right vehicle scrappage company should be perfectly clear that it matches its prices to the present state of the market, having collected all relevant details about your car. It also helps if that firm guarantees to match any genuine quote from a recognised competitor.

Well, guess what… these are all major advantages of selling your unwanted vehicle to ourselves here at Scrap cars for cash!

Other reasons to choose Scrap cars for cash

Does your chosen company even bother with the relevant DVLA paperwork when they are scrapping your car? You might be shocked by the many that don’t. Our drivers help you to fill out the DVLA forms, in addition to issuing a COD (certificate of destruction) on request. We hold all of the necessary waste carriers and waste management licences, too.

Speaking of waste, we would also imagine that the alternative company that you might be considering isn’t as conscious of its impact on the planet as we are. We make use of only environmentally approved facilities, working solely with Government Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs). Indeed, many alternative firms do not recycle waste at all.

The scrappage prices that we quote include the free collection of your car, while at every stage of your relationship with us, you should be thankful for the helpfulness and friendliness of our drivers and office staff. Quite simply, Scrap cars for cash offers the complete car scrappage service – so why wait any longer to get in touch with us?