Scrap Car Vehicle Makes and Models

Here at Scrap Cars For Cash, we help you get the best scrap price for your End of Life Vehicle, whether you’re selling for scrap or salvage. Working with a nationwide network of specialist buyers and Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs), no matter what car you have, you’re guaranteed the very best price with minimal fuss.

Whatever condition your car is in, whether it’s a non-starter, an MOT failure, crash damaged or simply just getting a bit long in the tooth, we’re here to help.

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The Makes and Models We’ve Scrapped

From Audi to Zenvo, there isn’t a make of car or van that we’re unable to help you get the best deal for. The specific car you’re looking to scrap can also affect the price that you’ll be offered, with some buyers knowing that there are certain models that may be able to turn a profit more than others, resulting in better offers for you as a seller.

With this in mind, we trawl our way through potential buyers in all four corners of the country, making sure that the offer you receive is only the very best for you – leaving you with nothing but money in your account and space in your garage.

Scrap My Vehicle

Whether you’re looking to scrap something as small as a Ford Ka or as large as a Ford Transit, we’re here to help find you the best price no matter what condition your old car is in.

Make & Model FAQs

Will the make of my car affect my scrap price?

Scrap value can be affected by a number of factors, including the overall condition of the car. Certain makes of car will have a better resale value for potential buyers, meaning they are able to offer you more for your car at the original quote stage. However, the most important factor when determining a scrap value is the weight of the car. The heavier a car is, it’s much more likely to have a lot of scrap metal waiting to be removed, which makes it much more lucrative to scrap dealers. As a result, a ‘cheaper’ car may be worth more to a scrap merchant than one that was maybe more prestigious to own.

However, do not be alarmed if you are considering scrapping a smaller car – the gap between the most expensive and cheapest scrap sales is much smaller than you might think, particularly when compared to simple second-hand car sales, often only separated by a few hundred pounds.

What cars are more likely to be scrapped?

On average, scrap cars tend to be around 14 years old, and it’s no surprise that if you look at the sales figures from that time period, the most scrapped cars of today tend to match up to the best-selling cars from 14 years prior. For example, in 2008 the best selling car of the year was the Ford Focus, with the Vauxhall Astra and Vauxhall Corsa coming in second and third, and it just so happens that the trio are some of the most common cars we see come through our doors on a daily basis.

What if my car is too good to be scrapped?

In many cases, people don’t want to send their cars to the scrap yard, as cars very often become honorary family members in their own right. Alternatively you might be looking out of the window at your damaged premium executive car and thinking that it’s simply too good to go to a scrap yard. In either case, Scrap Cars For Cash are still able to help out thanks to our nationwide network of specialist salvage buyers.

When a car is sold as salvage, rather than being sent straight to the crusher, it is broken up into its usable components first. From there, those parts will be used in other vehicles to get them back on the road, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your old pride and joy is keeping similar vehicles plodding along that little bit longer.