Scrap My SsangYong

SsangYong may not be a household name in the same vein as Ford or Nissan, but their presence on UK roads has been on a steady incline since the early 2010s. The South Korean manufacturer, which focuses on SUVs, will hope that the number of motors licensed in Britain that bear their name will only continue to increase.

But, as they do, it’s inevitable that the number of SsangYongs that end up at one of our scrapyards will follow this incline. If your SsangYong is about ready to be scrapped, regardless of the reason why, allow us at Scrap Cars For Cash to help you find the best price for it!

Reasons SsangYongs Are Scrapped

SsangYongs are not invincible and can, without warning, end up in a situation where their future seems in doubt. Accident damage is one leading cause, with even minor bumps sometimes causing such severe crumpling to one area of the car that the whole thing has been deemed a write-off. With this term meaning that it’s going to cost more to fix the damage than the car as a whole is worth, most drivers would turn to scrapping to make some money instead of spending plenty.

Wear and tear is another major cause of damage that can result in your SsangYong reaching the end of its life. After years of hard work on the road, the internal components of any car are going to deteriorate and it’s only a matter of time until something goes wrong which might prove fatal for your car. We’ll take any car, even if it’s a non-runner, so if yours gets to that state, sell it with Scrap Cars For Cash.

Scrap SsangYong Value

SsangYongs are just like any other vehicle, in that their value as scrap is determined by a handful of factors that can be wildly different even between two cars of the same model. The most important thing to consider is a car’s weight, with heavier motors being built from more metal and therefore being worth more to a scrap dealer. As we mentioned earlier, SsangYong focuses its efforts into creating SUVs, so big cars are their bread and butter.

Other factors can impact the valuation you’ll receive for your SsangYong, including the age, mileage and overall condition of the car. Vehicles in a better state will most likely have more salvageable parts under their bonnet, which can greatly increase the amount of cash you’ll make if you sell them with us at Scrap Cars For Cash.

Whether you’re selling as scrap or salvage, we monitor the market to ensure that you’re always getting the appropriate valuation for your SsangYong.

Most Scrapped SsangYongs

Here at Scrap Cars For Cash, we’ve got a record of every SsangYong that’s been scrapped over the past six months. As it turns out, the most scrapped motor was the Rexton, accounting for 45% of every SsangYong that we took in. The Rodius and Kyron took second and third respectively before the percentage dropped below 10% with the Korando.

Model % of all SsangYongs Scrapped
Rexton 45.72
Rodius 21.6
Kyron 18.68
Korando 8.95
Tivoli 2.53
Musso 2.33
Actyon 0.19

Silver shines through as the most popular colour of SsangYong to be scrapped, but black was only around 6% behind in second place. Grey rounds out the top three.

Colour % of all SsangYongs Scrapped
Silver 35.23
Black 27.98
Grey 11.15
Blue 9.59
Maroon 5.87
White 3.72
Red 2.54
Green 1.96
Purple 1.76
Beige 0.2

A closer result here, with more than half of all SsangYongs on our books being scrapped outright rather than salvaged. Regardless, every car that comes to us must, by law, be recycled to at least 95%.

Disposal Method % of all SsangYongs Scrapped or Salvaged
Scrap 57
Salvage 43

If your SsangYong has seen better days, sell it with Scrap Cars For Cash. We can get you quotes in an instant and your car can be taken off your hands in just a few days – with money in your bank just as fast! We’ll even arrange a collection for your vehicle to be collected at no extra cost, from anywhere in the country. So, call our sales team on 08443 761 020 or fill in the digital quotation form above to find out how much you could get for selling your scrap or salvage SsangYong with Scrap Cars For Cash today!