Scrap My Jaguar

A British icon, Jaguar has stood as a symbol of class and sophistication for almost a century. From sleek designs to rapid speeds, ‘Jags,’ as they’re affectionately known, represent the dashing, elegant side of the UK’s automotive industry alongside its long-time partner Land Rover’s rugged, adventuring capabilities.

But, they’re surprisingly unreliable and as they age, they become more susceptible to wear and tear damage which could lead to regular breakdowns and failed MOT tests. If your Jaguar is on its last legs, consider selling it as scrap or salvage with Scrap Cars For Cash.

Reasons Jaguars Are Scrapped

With certain Jaguar models slowly becoming must-haves for car collectors, the idea of sending one to the scrap yard could bring a tear to the eye of some drivers. But, in many cases, Jags (and all other cars) lose their prestige and their value along with it. Accident damage after a crash can lead to a car being uneconomical to repair, and unless you’re lucky enough to find an extremely wealthy collector, it’s unlikely that anyone other than a scrap dealer will be interested in a written-off Jaguar. An MOT failure on the horizon can also force a Jag owner’s hand, with the cost of repairs and maintenance to simply make the car road legal again being too steep. At this point, scrapping it will not only avoid the dreaded MOT costs, but also make you some money instead.

But, due to the history and stature of such a notable brand, many Jags on British roads are ageing. With age comes wear and tear damage, which is often irreparable without almost every component under the bodywork. Eventually, even the finest example will start to look rough around the edges. If your Jaguar has seen better days, it might finally be time to cash in on it and sell it as scrap or salvage with Scrap Cars For Cash.

Scrap Jaguar Value

Choosing to scrap your Jaguar might be a tough decision, but it could be the correct one. While there’s no price set in stone for the value of scrap cars, the make and model – along with the age, mileage and overall condition – does play a part in increasing the value. This is mostly down to the salvageable nature of vehicle parts, which corresponds directly to the price you can be offered if you sell your Jaguar with Scrap Cars For Cash.

However, the main factor determining how much your old car is worth is its weight. At the end of the day, the scrap dealer you’re selling to is mostly interested in the metal that the vehicle is made from. Heavier cars will hold more raw scrap metal value, but when the above considerations are included, even the smallest Jags could compete with the likes of the F-Pace. Our teams at Scrap Cars For Cash also monitor the fluctuating price of scrap metal, meaning that your car is never undervalued when you receive a quote.

Most Scrapped Jaguars

At Scrap Cars For Cash, we’ve done the maths to work out which Jag models arrive at our doors most often, and it turns out that the X-type was the most scrapped Jaguar within the last six months. In fact, it wasn’t even close. Over 60% of all Jags that were scrapped with us were X-types, with the second-placed S-type only making up 20% of the total scrapped.

Model % of all Jaguars Scrapped
X-type 62.27
S-type 20.62
XK 11.79
XE 2.42
XJ 1.95
F-Pace 0.41
F-type 0.31
E-Pace 0.13
E-type 0.03
Other 0.07

The colour of each Jaguar we take in is also documented, and blue comes out on top with 28% of all scrapped Jags being one shade or another of the primary colour. It’s common on these lists that black and silver also make up the top-three, and Jaguar is no different. Interestingly, pink appears on our system. Yes, there are people out there driving pink Jaguars.

Colour % of all Jaguars Scrapped
Blue 28
Black 18.21
Silver 17.19
Grey 13.84
Green 9.54
Red 7.44
Beige 2.61
White 1.57
Gold 1.31
Other 0.29

Salvaging wins the days over scrapping, with most Jags being used for parts or resurrected and put back on the road. Don’t think that the 21% that were scrapped are rusting on a scrap heap, though. Legislation dictates that at least 95% of every single car we take in must be recycled, even if it’s for use in entirely different industries.

Disposal Method % of all Jaguars Scrapped or Salvaged
Salvage 79
Scrap 21

If it’s finally time to say goodbye to your Jaguar, scrapping it with Scrap Cars For Cash might be the best way to get some cash in the bank to put towards a replacement motor. Call our sales team on 08443 761 020 or use our online scrap value calculator tool to receive the best quotes from scrap dealers local to you. Thanks to our vast network of buyers, we can even help you arrange collection from anywhere in the country at no extra cost. As long as the car is accurately described during the initial consultation, the price you’re quoted is exactly what you’re paid. Find out how much your car could be worth with Scrap Cars For Cash today.