Scrap My Range Rover

black range rover parked in front of a black garage door

As British as black cabs and red buses, the Range Rover is such a national automotive icon that even the royal family ride around in them when they’re out and about in London. In fact, these cars are so familiar to the UK’s roads that it’s hard to make even a short journey without seeing at least one.

So, with so many Range Rovers gracing our streets, it’s inevitable that some of them… or perhaps many of them, will suffer from breakdowns, mechanical failures or even accident damage within their lifespan. Scrap Cars For Cash is on hand to help you sell your car if these events, or anything else for that matter, have led your Range Rover to become next in line for the scrapyard’s crusher.

Reasons Range Rovers Are Scrapped

They’re built to look invincible, but Range Rovers are just as vulnerable as any other car to certain things that might cause them to be considered uneconomical to repair. Wear and tear as they age is one of the main causes for cars to be brought along to one of our Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs), and with cars reaching 14 years old on average before being scrapped, many of the UK’s Range Rovers are certainly reaching their twilight years. With this ever-increasing unreliability comes a growing dread when faced with the annual MOT test. If your Range Rover is sure to fail – or if it already has – and the cost of making it roadworthy once again outweighs the value of the vehicle itself, scrapping it might be the best option.

Damage following an accident might also write a Range Rover off, despite the car’s imposing size. If it’s in need of expensive repairs, or perhaps even deemed irreparable, moving on completely might be a suitable alternative to getting a car fixed up. The good news here is that if the damage only affects what section of the vehicle, it’s likely that the rest of the components will still be in good nick. Therefore, the scrap buyer will offer you a higher price thanks to the reusability of the salvageable parts that can be stripped out and sold on.

Scrap Range Rover Value

The value of any scrap vehicle is never constant, with the ever-changing cost of scrap metal causing the price of your old Range Rover to fluctuate from day to day. However, the primary factor determining how much your car will be worth as scrap or salvage is its weight. More metal means more sellable material for the buyer, and since Range Rovers are rather large, you’re sure to start out with a decent figure even before the other factors are taken into consideration. We keep a close eye on the scrap value of metal to ensure that you’re never being quoted less than your Range Rover is worth.

Those other influencing factors include the age, mileage and overall condition of the car, with vehicles in a better state being worth more thanks to the salvage market demanding their reusable parts. 

Most Scrapped Range Rovers

At Scrap Cars For Cash, we’ve examined the figures around Range Rovers (and Land Rovers) to figure out which model was brought to us most commonly over the past six months. Almost half of the total number we acquired were Freelanders, but the base-model Range Rover makes up just under a quarter of that total. The Evoque faired worse (or better, depending on how you look at it) with just 2% of the total being made up of the sleek-but-ageing variant.

Model % of all Range Rovers (& Land Rovers) Scrapped
Freelander 49.84
Range Rover 24.89
Discovery 21.29
Range Rover Evoque 2.47
Defender 1.09
Series III 0.43

Black takes the gold on the ‘most scrapped colour’ table, with a sizeable 25%. Silver and blue follow, with almost identical stats – just one-tenth of a percent in it. Further down the table, we find some more interesting colours… Orange, purple or even brown Range Rovers probably won’t ever take off.

Colour % of all Range Rovers (& Land Rovers) Scrapped
Black 25.19
Silver 19.09
Blue 18.99
Green 12.72
Grey 11.1
Red 6.68
White 2.89
Gold 2.26
Brown 0.34
Other 0.74

More Range Rovers & Land Rovers were scrapped than salvaged over the last six months, with 58% unable to be fixed up and put back on the road or to be stripped for parts. But, that doesn’t mean that they’re sitting on a scrapheap somewhere getting rusty. These cars will have been almost completely recycled. In fact, the law states that 95% of every vehicle that comes to an ATF must be reused, whether that’s in the motor industry or another.

Disposal Method % of all Range Rovers (& Land Rovers) Scrapped or Salvaged
Scrap 58
Salvage 42

If your Range Rover has had its day, sell it as scrap or salvage with Scrap Cars For Cash and we’ll get you the best prices that the market can offer in an instant. In fact, the whole process from start to finish will be completed in a matter of days, leaving you with fresh cash to start shopping for a new motor with. Our network of collectors spreads nationwide, so we’ll even arrange for the buyer to pick it up from anywhere in the country at no extra cost. Call 08443 761 020 or use the online scrap valuation tool at the the top of the page to find out just how much you could make from your scrap or salvage Range Rover today with Scrap Cars For Cash!