Scrap My Subaru

Depending on who you ask, it may seem like the general British public may not be able to name any Subarus besides the iconic Impreza. Whilst it is true that the number of the Japanese manufacturer’s cars on our road has continued to slowly decline, there are still tens of thousands out there.

This decline is no doubt down to more and more people scrapping their Subarus as they age or receive damage in one or another. If your Subaru is ready to go too, Scrap Cars For Cash can help find you the best prices to sell it as scrap or salvage.

Reasons Subarus Are Scrapped

Like every car they share the road with, Subarus are liable to receive damage either in an instant after an accident, or gradually over time through wear and tear. The latter can cause severe problems, with the deterioration of components sometimes causing a complete mechanical breakdown. If this happens, a repair job could be pricey, but it also might be necessary to get your car back on the road – or even to just pass the annual MOT test. There is an alternative: scrap it with Scrap Cars For Cash and make some money to put towards a newer motor.

Crash damage is another big contributor to the scrap heap population around the country. If your Subaru has been in a bump and has ended up a bit mangled, it might cost more to fix the damage than the car is worth as a whole. An economical write off, your insurance company will call it, and it’s often better from a financial point of view to scrap the car altogether.

Scrap Subaru Value

As the value of scrap metal fluctuates on a daily basis, so does the price you could be offered for your old Subaru. This is because the base value of your car, before other conditions are factored in, is determined by its weight. Heavier cars are built from more metal and therefore are worth more once they’re crushed down to their raw materials. We keep a close eye on the value of metal to make sure you’re always getting the correct valuation for your car.

The age, mileage and general condition of your Subaru can also have an impact on its scrap valuation. If it’s in a good state of repair, it may have many salvageable parts left under the bonnet, which can bump up the offer price that you’ll receive. Whether you sell as scrap or salvage, Scrap Cars For Cash can find you the best quotes and local buyers.

Most Scrapped Subarus

At Scrap Cars For Cash, we’ve run the numbers to find out which models of Subaru were scrapped the most over the past six months. Rally fans, look away now; the Impreza tops the list, accounting for a fraction under 31% of all Subarus on our system. The Forester was second with just over a quarter of the total, while the Legacy came out in third place with just under a quarter.

Model % of all Subarus Scrapped
Impreza 30.98
Forester 26.02
Legacy 24.66
Outback 12.43
Justy 3.26
Tribeca 1.49
XV 0.41
BRZ 0.2
Levorg 0.14
Other 0.41

As is often the case with these tables, silver turns out to be the most scrapped colour for Subarus. 27% of the total scrapped were silver, although blue was a close second at 23%. Grey rounds out the top three with 14%.

Colour % of all Subarus Scrapped
Silver 27.15
Blue 23.19
Grey 14.16
Black 11.56
Green 10.53
Red 6.77
White 3.21
Gold 1.44
Maroon 0.89
Other 1.1

Another close result between scrapping and salvaging, with the latter winning out. 53% of all Subarus were stripped of parts to help revive other cars, but the 47% that were scrapped outright won’t have gone to waste. Those vehicles will, by law, have to be at least 95% recycled.

Disposal Method % of all Subarus Scrapped or Salvaged
Salvage 53
Scrap 47

If your Subaru is starting to let you down, sell it as scrap or salvage with Scrap Cars For Cash. We’ll find you the best quotes that the current market can offer, plus we’ll even arrange for your car to be collected at no extra cost from anywhere in the country. The whole sales process takes just a few days, so you’ll have cash in the bank before you know it. Call our team on 08443 761 020 or complete the online form above to get your Subaru valued today!