Scrap My Mitsubishi

Japan is a nation with a diverse landscape, ranging from urban metropolises to mountainous terrain. Mitsubishi’s focus on large SUVs with the occasional small city runner thrown into the mix translates fairly well to the UK market, with both types of car proving popular with British drivers.

However, with plenty of Mitsubishis on our roads, it’s inevitable that many will end up meeting the scrapyard’s crusher at the end of their life. Scrap Cars For Cash sources the best offers from scrap dealers up and down the UK to get you the highest price possible when the time comes to update your choice of car. We accept cars in any state, from non-runners to crash damaged write-offs.

Reasons Mitsubishis Are Scrapped

Despite the rough and ready appearance of Mitsubishi’s off-roading SUVs, they or any other vehicle aren’t immune to suffering mechanical failures, natural wear and tear or even serious damage in a crash. In fact, these are the biggest reasons we see Mitsubishis coming to us at Scrap Cars For Cash. Ageing cars may need a huge number of parts replaced under the bonnet, so many in fact that it could be both easier and cheaper to call time on the motor and buy something newer. In this situation, it’s unlikely anyone other than a scrap dealer would be interested in buying the car. Similarly, MOT tests can unveil hidden horror shows going on underneath even the flashiest car’s exterior bodywork. An owner of a Mitsubishi that’s failed – or due to fail – its MOT might be better off selling the car as scrap or salvage as opposed to fixing it up just enough to scrape through another 12 months.

Finally, there’s crash damage. Human error is an inevitable byproduct of putting ourselves in control of massive metal machines travelling at high speeds, and if your Mitsubishi takes a serious hit, or even a minor bump in the wrong place, it could spell the end for your vehicle. An insurance write-off, meaning that the repair fees outweigh the value of the car itself, is often destined for the crusher, but it could be stripped of salvageable parts first.

Scrap Mitsubishi Value

While Scrap Cars For Cash certainly can guarantee you the best prices for your old Mitsubishi, we can’t tell you right now exactly what it’s worth. That’s because the value of scrap vehicles is ever-changing in line with the cost of scrap metal. Car value is determined mostly by its weight, with heavier cars being built from more metal. This raw, crushed down metal is what the scrap buyers are interested in reselling to other industries as recycled material. We monitor the cost of scrap metal to ensure that you’re always getting the very best deal that the current market can offer.

However, it doesn’t matter too much if you drive one of Mitsubishi’s hatchbacks, like the Mirage or Colt. The age, mileage and overall condition of the car will also influence the price you’ll be offered, particularly if our buyers consider the motor to be laden with strippable, salvageable parts that could be reused.

Most Scrapped Mitsubishis

We at Scrap Cars For Cash have run the numbers to determine the most scrapped Mitsubishi models over the last six months. Compared to some of these lists that we’ve put together for other brands, Mitsubishi’s stats are significantly closer, with no runaway winner taking the ‘most scrapped’ crown. However, it’s the Colt taking the top spot with just over a quarter of the total cars scrapped being this particular hatchback. In second place, it’s the much larger Shogun, with another big one, the L200 in third.

Model % of all Mitsubishis Scrapped
Colt 26.12
Shogun 17.92
L200 12.32
Lancer 8.38
Outlander 6.85
Space Star 4.59
Carisma 4.2
Grandis 3.46
Pajero 3.43
Other 12.73

It’s more of the same on the colour front (if you’ve checked out our lists for other car makes, anyway) with silver, black and blue taking the podium places as the top-three most scrapped Mitsubishi colours. However, black gave silver a real run for its money here, with less than 1% in it. 

Colour % of all Mitsubishis Scrapped
Silver 26.85
Black 26.09
Blue 17.68
Grey 10.79
Red 7.95
Green 4.46
White 4.44
Purple 0.58
Gold 0.4
Other 0.76

Our disposal method stats for Mitsubishis couldn’t be much closer, with just over half of the Japanese motors being stripped for parts or fixed up and put back on the road. But, that doesn’t mean that the 47% that were scrapped are immediately wasted. Quite the opposite, in fact. Every car that comes to us – scrap or salvage – must, by law, be at least 95% recycled. The metal, fabrics, tyres, and everything else must be utilised however possible to be reused.

Disposal Method % of all Mitsubishis Scrapped or Salvaged
Salvage 53
Scrap 47

If your Mitsubishi’s driving days are behind it, Scrap Cars For Cash can take it off your hands and leave you with a tidy sum of cash to put towards a new vehicle. The process only takes a couple of days to complete, and thanks to our nationwide network of buyers, we’ll even arrange collection at no extra cost, wherever you are in the country. Contact our sales team on 08443 761 020 or fill in the online valuation form above to find out just how much your old Mitsubishi could be worth as scrap or salvage today!