Scrap My Suzuki

blue suzuki parked in a concrete car park surrounded by trees and grass

Despite their two-wheelers making up less than a fifth of their UK sales, Suzuki may be better known as a motorbike manufacturer than a car producer by some of Britain’s drivers. This is partly down to the Japanese vehicle maker’s decision to focus on kei cars – “ultramini” vehicles that are suited to the Asian nation’s roads, but less so to European safety standards. That being said, Suzuki’s bigger motors have still found a home on the British market, which in turn means that many of them eventually end up on one of our scrapyards.

Reasons Suzukis Are Scrapped

All cars, including Suzukis, could be sent to the scrap heap for a number of reasons. Often it’s because of crash damage, resulting in the vehicle being declared an insurance write-off and uneconomical to repair, but the good news in this situation is that (unless the car has been well and truly obliterated) some untouched parts should still be in a salvageable condition.

Wear and tear is also a major problem for ageing motors, and even fine Japanese engineering can’t help Suzukis escape the sands of time or a driver with a lead foot pushing it to its limits. While deterioration may reduce the number of components that can be salvaged from the car, it won’t stop you selling it as scrap or salvage to one of Scrap Cars For Cash’s buyers. In fact, as its private resale value drops and interest from potential buyers wains, selling it as scrap might be the best option. Furthermore, this build up of damage is almost certain to result in failed MOT tests, potentially year on year, with the necessary repairs to scrape your Suzuki through a further 12 months likely costing a small fortune.

Scrap Suzuki Value

It’s not possible to say exactly how much a Suzuki is worth on the scrap or salvage market without first collecting some details about the particular car you’re looking to offload. That’s because several factors that influence the price you’ll receive are unique to each vehicle. The age, mileage and overall condition have an impact on the quoted price you’ll receive when looking to sell a Suzuki as scrap, with cars in a better state often having more salvageable parts that can be stripped off the machine before it’s sent to the crusher.

However, the biggest factor that affects the scrap value of your offer is the weight of the car. Since the value is mostly calculated based on the current market price of scrap metal, bigger, heavier cars are set to start out at a higher base price before the other circumstances are taken into consideration. We monitor the fluctuating price of scrap metal to ensure that you’re always receiving an offer that accurately reflects what your car is worth. Don’t panic if you drive a Swift, though. The gap between small and large cars isn’t as significant as you might now be fearing it is.

Most Scrapped Suzukis

We’ve gone back through our books to figure out just which model of Suzuki has been scrapped with us the most over the past six months. The Swift runs away with first place, accounting for 30% of all Suzukis scrapped – more than double that of the second-place Alto. The Grand Vitara comes in third place, just a fraction behind but well clear of the Wagon R in fourth.

Model % of all Suzukis Scrapped
Swift 30.84
Alto 15.19
Grand Vitara 14.68
Wagon R 9.37
Ignis 8.57
Sx4 6.14
Jimny 3.46
Liana 3.07
Vitara 2.33
Other 6.35

Silver and blue top the colour table, with the former being the most commonly scrapped colour of Suzuki. Red takes a surprising third place, usurping black, which itself regularly claims a podium place on these lists.

Colour % of all Suzukis Scrapped
Silver 20.37
Blue 19.88
Red 17.3
Black 13.63
Grey 8.44
White 7.27
Green 4.41
Orange 3.04
Yellow 2.23
Other 3.43

A nice, rounded-out split on the salvage and scrap front, with 60% of all Suzukis coming to us being used to fix up other cars, or perhaps even being repaired and put back on the road themselves. The 40% that are scrapped outright won’t just be sat on a scrap heap rusting, though. By law, 95% of every single car that comes to us must be recycled and reused in one way or another.

Disposal Method % of all Suzukis Scrapped or Salvaged
Salvage 60
Scrap 40

If your Suzuki is starting to suffer in its old age, it might be time to sell it and move on to something fresher. At Scrap Cars For Cash, we can find you the best quotes to sell your old car as scrap or salvage, with your Suzuki shifted and money in your account in just a matter of days. What’s more, our network of scrap dealers is so vast, we can offer free collection no matter where you are in the country. So, call our team on 08443 761 020 or complete the online form above to find out the value of your scrap or salvage Suzuki today.