Scrap My Fiat

Italian style doesn’t have to come in the form of a high-speed hypercar or luxury saloon, with Fiat (who actually own more high-speed and luxury car brands than you might realise) bringing continental swagger to the UK’s affordable, small car market.

But, while older Fiats might now be considered retro, vintage or classic and newer models may come with all the bells and whistles you’d expect of a modern car, this doesn’t make any Fiat invincible. In fact, a recent survey suggests quite the opposite. Accident damage, a failed MOT test or general wear and tear could make it impossible, or at least uneconomical, to pay out for maintenance and repairs to keep your car on the road.

Reasons Fiats Are Scrapped

It’s almost inevitable that every car will meet the crusher at some point, and Fiats are not exempt from this fate. Many are scrapped following an accident causing damage which renders the car uneconomical to repair – a write-off, as your insurance company would call it. There’s also the lingering, unavoidable issue of getting your Fiat through its annual MOT test. If you find yourself dreading it each year and putting aside money just to have it scrape through another 12 months, scrapping it and starting fresh might be a better option.

The increasing age of a Fiat, or any other car, will lead to general wear and tear damage that might be irreversible without replacing every component under the bonnet. At that point, you’re essentially building a new car, so you might as well just buy one – using money gained from scrapping your old one!

Scrap Fiat Value

Scrap Cars For Cash takes any make or model in any condition, so no matter if your Fiat is simply dated or completely demolished, we’ll get you the best prices that the market can offer. Those prices are calculated mostly based on the value of raw scrap metal, which we monitor closely to identify changes to the price of this constantly-fluctuating commodity.

And while it’s primarily the weight of the vehicle that determines the value of your car – bigger cars are made of more metal – there are other factors that could bring your Fiat 500 closer to the scrap value of the XL variant. That’s because Scrap Cars For Cash’s Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) also deal with salvage cars, breaking them down and removing any parts that can be reused or resold. Therefore, the age, mileage and overall condition of the Fiat can have a positive impact on the quoted offer you’ll receive.

Most Scrapped Fiats

At Scrap Cars For Cash, we’ve run the numbers to find out which Fiats were scrapped or salvaged with us most often over the past six months. With the updated version of the Fiat 500 starting production around a decade-and-a-half ago (and the average lifespan of a car before scrappage being 14 years) it may come as a surprise to see the 500 miss out on a podium place here. But, the gold and silver spots are utterly dominated by two variations of the same model – the Punto. The Grande ends up with a perfectly rounded 25% of the total number of Fiats that were scrapped, but the base model beats it, making up almost 35% of that total. Even if the 500 X, L & C were rolled in with the base 500, it wouldn’t hold a candle to the Punto.

Model % of all Fiats Scrapped
Punto 34.82
Grande Punto 25
Panda 9.06
500 6.69
Doblo 5.46
Bravo 5.32
Scudo 3.11
Ducato 2.45
Stilo 1.9
Other 6.19

Fiat’s colour stats read a little bit differently than those for the other makes and models that we’ve covered with these lists. Regular winner silver is in sixth, with grey and white following behind blue – the latter making up over a quarter of all Fiats disposed of in the last six months.

Colour % of all Fiats Scrapped
Blue 27.48
Grey 21.2
White 14.91
Black 14.71
Red 11.5
Silver 2.74
Green 2.49
Yellow 2.16
Orange 1.13
Other 1.68

With just over three-quarters of all Fiats brought to us being stripped of parts or fixed up and put back on the road, salvaging runs away with the crown of ‘most common disposal method for Fiats over the last six months’. An enviable title, indeed. The 24% of Fiats that were scrapped won’t be wasted, though. By law, ATFs must recycle at least 95% of every vehicle that they work on, even if they’re to be reused in entirely different industries.

Disposal Method % of all Fiats Scrapped or Salvaged
Salvage 76
Scrap 24

If your Fiat is failing you, it’s probably time for a new car. Scrap Cars For Cash can get you the scrap metal market’s best prices in an instant, and help you sell your vehicle in a matter of days. Our nationwide fleet of collectors means that our buyers can even pick your Fiat up from anywhere in the country at a time to suit you, completely free of charge. Call 08443 761 020 and speak to our sales team or use our online scrap value calculator to find out how much you could make from selling your car with Scrap Cars For Cash today.