Scrap My MINI

Mini has been a part of British culture for over 60 years, and remains a true icon of the nation’s roads, despite the fact it’s technically been German for a third of its lifetime. Despite its swollen size when compared to the original Minis that rolled out of the Longbridge and Cowley plants, the latter of which still produces the modern version to this day, the BMW-owned MINIs are one of the most popular cars in Britain, and also one of the more reliable.

Despite their popularity and cult status, MINIs do still find their way into the scrap heap, and when yours is ready to give up, we’re here to make it as quick, easy and lucrative for you as possible. 

Reasons MINIs are scrapped

Due to the personality that comes with MINIs, it can be an emotional experience to say goodbye, even more so if it means confining the car to the scrap pile. However sad it may be, it still happens, and even the most looked after of cars can come into trouble every now and then. With so many MINIs on the road, it’s no surprise that they end up involved in accidents – the more you’re on the road, the more likely you are to get caught up in a prang.

It’s not just crashes that can cause a MINI to head through our books, though. An impending MOT failure, or mechanical issues can all cause a MINI owner to have to make that difficult decision to send it away for the final time. Alternatively, it could just be that age is finally catching up with your MINI and sending it to the scrap yard is just a necessity at this point.

Scrap MINI Value

The value of a car bound for scrap is not something that can be predicted easily. A wide range of factors all play a part in determining how much your car may fetch as scrap or salvage, but the most important is the weight. The heavier a car is, the more metal that’s there for scrap merchants to work with.

However, there’s much more to consider than just how much your MINI weighs. The age, specific model and its overall condition will all have a bearing on what kind of quote you can expect to receive for your old car. If you have any salvageable parts on your MINI then you can expect your price to rise as they may be used elsewhere to save other struggling MINIs.

Most Scrapped MINIs

We’ve taken a look at our figures from the last six months to find out which model of MINI has been scrapped or salvaged with us most often. Running away with a somewhat undesirable first-place finish is the Hatch, making up almost 87% of the total number of MINI motors that came through our doors.

Model % of all MINIs Scrapped
Hatch 86.55
Convertible 8.29
Countryman 2.1
Clubman 1.92
Cooper 0.47
Paceman 0.24
One 0.22
Coupe 0.15
Roadster 0.05
Clubvan 0.02

Long-time MINI enthusiasts may have hoped to see red, white and blue top the colour charts, but it’s actually black taking the crown – albeit by a slim margin. The patriotic trio find themselves in second, fifth and fourth respectively, with silver separating them in third.

Colour % of all MINIs Scrapped
Black 20.78
Red 17.85
Silver 16.37
Blue 15.54
White 12.59
Green 5.59
Grey 4.56
Yellow 3.86
Purple 1.3
Other 1.56

It was also close on the ‘scrap or salvage’ front, but more MINIs were indeed scrapped, unable to be repaired and put back on the road or have their parts stripped to fix up other cars. Bear in mind though, that the 57% of scrap MINIs will still have been reused in some way – law dictates that 95% of every car must be recycled.

Disposal Method % of all MINIs Scrapped or Salvaged
Scrap 57
Salvage 43

To find out how much your MINI could be worth as scrap, get in touch with the friendly and knowledgeable team at Scrap Cars For Cash on 08443 761 020, or alternatively use the online valuation tool at the top of this page for an instant quote. And that’s not all, with our nationwide network of buyers we can arrange a collector to come and take your car from you, at no extra cost. Get started today and your troubled MINI will be a thing of the past before you know it.