Scrap My Toyota

Toyota has gained a reputation in recent years for its reliable and tech-filled cars which has led it to become one of the most respected vehicle manufacturers building cars today. Not only are Toyotas respected, they’re also sought after with the Corolla being the best selling car ever, racking up over 50 million sales in its various guises – that’s more than the Vauxhall (or Opel) Corsa and Ford Fiesta put together.

However, no matter how good or popular a car is, it doesn’t mean they last forever, and even Toyotas are susceptible to the scrap pile. Let Scrap Cars For Cash guide you through everything you need to know to get the very best price for your tired old Toyota, in the fastest way possible.

Reasons Toyotas Are Scrapped

Like all manufacturer’s cars, there are a wide range of reasons that can result in your Toyota ending up on the scrap pile. Every time you get onto the road, you run the risk of being involved in an accident, whether it’s your fault or not, and it’s very rare to come away from an accident without some significant repair bills on the horizon. It’s for that same reason that impending or recent MOT failures can cause you to turn your attention to a potential scrap.

Even the most reliable of cars have a best before date, and with the average age of a scrap car being 14, if you’ve had your trusty old Avensis for nearly 20 years, you could well be looking at putting it out to pasture sooner rather than later. If your car is starting to look a little long in the tooth, then Scrap Cars For Cash can take it away for you, replacing your ailing old motor with a wad of cash.

Scrap Toyota Value

Predicting the value of any scrap vehicle, no matter the make, is impossible without being given specific details first. Everything from the age, model and condition of your car can have an impact on what your quote will look like – even the colour can make a difference.

The most important factor, though, is the weight. The heavier a car is, the more likely that it’s full of metal that the scrap merchant will be able to get their hands on, and the more metal they can take from your car, the more it’ll be worth to them. Simply put – the more it’s worth to them, the more money they’ll give you for it. However, don’t be disheartened if you’re driving around in an Aygo, as a well looked after Aygo with salvageable components can fetch a similar figure to that of an old, tired and totally knackered RAV4.

Most Scrapped Toyota

We’ve crunched the numbers and determined which Toyota models were scrapped the most over the last six months. Well, despite the Corolla’s world-beating sales stats, it’s only the second-most common car to come through our doors here at Scrap Cars For Cash. In fact, making up almost half of the total Toyotas scrapped, the Yaris is anything but ‘supermini’ in this regard. The Prius also takes a top-10 spot, perhaps demonstrating that even hybrids can’t stand the test of time.

Model % of all Toyotas Scrapped
Yaris 48.03
Corolla 13.35
Avensis 11.36
Aygo 5.83
RAV4 5.43
Auris 3.56
Celica 2.59
Prius 1.97
Previa 1.57
Other 6.31

Silver Toyotas were scrapped more often than differently-painted units of the Japanese car. Almost double the number of the second-most scrapped colour in fact, which incidentally, was blue. Rounding out the list, we have pink and cream Toyotas, with multi-coloured motors being scrapped fractionally more often.

Colour % of all Toyotas Scrapped
Silver 35.62
Blue 19.62
Black 13.18
Red 10.18
Grey 9.82
Green 5.3
White 3.65
Gold 0.82
Beige 0.81
Other 1

Good news for other Toyota owners; well over half of all Toyotas added to our system over the last six months were salvaged, rather than scrapped outright. Even though 95% of every car that comes to us must be recycled, it’s always better to save vehicles and their components from the crusher where possible, if only to give other damaged cars a second chance with transplanted parts.

Disposal Method % of all Toyotas Scrapped or Salvaged
Salvage 63
Scrap 37

To find out just how much your Toyota could be worth as scrap or salvage, get in touch with the friendly team here at Scrap Cars For Cash today on 08443 761 020, or alternatively get a quote in a matter of moments by using our quick and easy valuation tool at the top of this page. With a nationwide network of trusted and certified specialist buyers waiting to take your car, not only can we guarantee you an unbeatable price, but we’ll also come and collect it from you, no matter where you are, totally free of charge. So get started today and see just how much your tired Toyota could fetch you.