Scrap My Skoda

Skoda has long been one of those brands that’s just there, doing it’s own thing and not really offending anyone along the way. Now known as a subsidiary of Volkswagen, Skoda, which began life as an arms manufacturer, is the fifth oldest carmaker in the world, and has a history that includes four decades of post-war communist ownership. Taken over by Volkswagen in 1991 following the fall of communism and the Velvet Revolution in the Czech Republic, Skoda’s reputation was turned around almost instantly.

These days Skodas are known for their well-built and reliable cars and as great choices for a family car, and you’ll often pass them on British roads, such is their popularity. With so many driving around, it’s no surprise that a large number get scrapped, too, and if your Skoda is starting to look like it’s reaching the end, then Scrap Cars For Cash is here for you.

Reasons Skoda are scrapped

There are a multitude of reasons that can lead to a Skoda being scrapped, with one of the most common being accident damage. No matter how carefully you drive on the road, there is always that element of being caught out, and it takes just one slip to result in you being involved in an accident, whether you’re at fault or not. If the damage on your car will cost more to fix than the car is worth – a write-off as your insurers would call it – then scrapping it may be the best option available for you.

Elsewhere, you could find that your Skoda is heading towards a certain MOT failure, or you may have recently suffered a breakdown as a result of a single component deciding that it’s had enough. Either of these reasons have seen cars head to the scrap yard, particularly if the offending part is particularly pricey, hard to come by or requires intricate repairs that require hours of expensive labour.

Finally it could just be that your Skoda is getting a little long in the tooth. With the average age of a scrap car being 14, and with Skodas being known as reliable, there’s every chance that yours could be reaching retirement age soon. Keep an eye out for recurring issues and general wear and tear, as it could be time to start thinking ahead to the future by saying goodbye to the past.

Scrap Skoda Value

Providing an estimate for a scrap value without any details on the car itself is an impossible task as every car will fetch a different price due to its specifics. The age, specific model and condition of your car will all have a bearing on how much you will be offered for it. If there are any usable parts still on it that can be utilised elsewhere, either to sell on as parts or to help fix a similarly ailing model, then you could find your quote bumped up.

The most important parameter, however, is the weight. The heavier a car is, the more metal that the scrap merchant has to sink their teeth into, and the more money they can make out of your old car, the more they’ll be willing to pay you for it. But do not fear if you’re looking at your broken Citigo, the difference between prices is not as much as you might think, and if you have salvageable parts on your car, you could still get more than you would for a Kodiaq.

Most Scrapped Skodas

At Scrap Cars For Cash, we’ve crunched the numbers to find out which Skodas have been scrapped most often over the past six months. As it turns out, the Fabia dominates every other model, making up more than half of all Skodas that were brought to us. The Octavia takes second-place with 36%, before the Superb scrapes into third, way behind on 5%.

Model % of all Skodas Scrapped
Fabia 51.22
Octavia 36.71
Superb 5.18
Roomster 2.17
Felicia 1.78
Yeti 1.1
Rapid 0.77
Citigo 0.52
Karoq 0.21
Other 0.34

If you’ve checked out our other make & model lists like this one, you’ll notice that silver tends to top the colour chart. No change here, but grey makes an appearance in the top three, only narrowly missing out on the top spot, in fact.

There are also plenty of more uncommon colours on our system, with Skodas in shades of purple, gold, cream and even turquoise meeting the crusher.

Colour % of all Skodas Scrapped
Silver 21.48
Grey 19.89
Blue 16.18
Red 10.79
Black 10.06
Beige 6.56
Green 6.07
White 4.49
Orange 2.22
Other 2.26

Speaking of crushers, it seems many Skodas may have actually escaped such a fate (at least until their parts were stripped out, anyway) with 64% of the Czech brand’s motors being salvaged as opposed to scrapped. But, since 95% of every vehicle needs to, by law, be recycled, the 36% that were unsalvageable won’t have been wasted.

Disposal Method % of all Skodas Scrapped or Salvaged
Salvage 64
Scrap 36

Scrap Cars For Cash is the go to place to get rid of your broken old Skoda fast, and with a nationwide network of scrap and salvage dealers waiting for your car, you know you’re going to be getting the very best price possible. Get in touch with the friendly team today on 08443 761 020 to get started, or simply use the online valuation tool at the top of this page for a quote in just a matter of moments. And what’s better still, not only can we guarantee you the very best quote for your car, but we’ll even come and collect it from you, for free, wherever you call home. So, if you’re looking at your sorry old Skoda and wondering what to do, get in touch with Scrap Cars For Cash today and turn your worries into money.