Scrap My Nissan

Nissan has been producing cars for the British roads for much longer than most people realise. While the name didn’t arrive on these shores until 1982, Nissans have actually been around in the UK since 1968, with cars appearing under the brand name Datsun. The Datsun name was eventually phased out entirely from 1982 and in 1984 had totally disappeared.

Even as Datsun, the company has enjoyed huge success in the UK, beating the unreliable and poorly built British cars of the 1970s, and throughout the next two decades was the best selling foreign manufacturer in the British market. There are a whole host of these Japanese cars driving around, and, as a result, we regularly see a number of them come through our doors on their final journey to the scrapyard. 

Reasons Nissans Are Scrapped

While Nissans enjoy the stereotypically brilliant Japanese reliability, things can still go wrong, and Scrap Cars For Cash is here for when they do. Even the best built cars can have mechanical issues every now and then, and if a major component has failed, or it looks like getting a pass on the next MOT test is going to be tricky, then scrapping could be the answer to any of your concerns.

Even if your car has had no mechanical issues or reliability problems over the years, you are always at risk on the road of running into physical damage as a result of someone else’s (or your own) mistake. Accident damage is one of the most common reasons we see cars coming through our doors, especially if it’s simply not worth the cost of undertaking any repair work.

Finally, it could be something as simple as your car just getting a little tired as it reaches the end of its usable life. The average age of a scrap car is just under 14 years, and if you’re driving around in a 15-year-old Nissan, then you might find that selling for scrap is an easy way to get yourself a new car, and it is certainly easier than trying to sell the car privately.

Scrap Nissan Value

Predicting the value of any scrap car is an impossible task thanks to the many variables that are taken into account when pulling together a quote. The most important factor of all will be the amount your car weighs. A heavier car will almost always fetch more money than a lighter one when it comes to scrap simply because it has more metal for the scrap merchant to get their hands on.

Don’t let this put you off scrapping your Micra, though, as the age, condition and mileage of your car can all help boost that all important final figure. If you’ve driven it carefully over the years and it’s just time to say goodbye, then there’s a good chance you’ll have a few salvageable parts still in the car, which can bring your price much closer to, if not above, that of an X-Trail.

Most Scrapped Nissan

At Scrap Cars For Cash, we’ve run the numbers to find out which model of Nissan has been scrapped or salvaged with us most commonly over the past six months. There was a runaway winner for the Japanese brand – the Micra. Given the age of this model, with even the bug-eyed third-generation variant pushing 20, it’s perhaps not a surprise that this miniature motor comes out on top. In fact, if it wasn’t for the huge number of different models scrapped – 56, to be precise, the Micras percentage could have been much higher. The Almera & Qashqai take second and third respectively, with just half a percent in it.

Model % of all Nissans Scrapped
Micra 38.8
Almera 12.7
Qashqai 12.65
X-Trail 9.09
Note 7.68
Primera 4.49
Juke 2.78
Navarra 1.96
Primastar 1.92
Other 7.93

As with most of these lists, we’ve discovered that silver Nissans were scrapped more often than those of any other colour. Blue, also typically in the top-three, places second here with grey in third.

Colour % of all Nissans Scrapped
Silver 24.36
Blue 20.57
Grey 15.63
Black 14.11
Red 11.38
White 5.79
Green 3.4
Beige 1.91
Gold 1.35
Other 1.5

Salvage takes the crown here, with just over two-thirds of all Nissans acquired by us in the last six months being repaired and put back on the road, or alternatively, used to donate parts to other cars. The 31% of cars that were scrapped outright won’t have gone to waste, though. The law dictates that at least 95% of every single vehicle needs to be recycled, even if it’s to be used in other industries.

Disposal Method % of all Nissans Scrapped or Salvaged
Salvage 69
Scrap 31

If you’re looking at your sad old Nissan and think it’s time to say goodbye, then get started today by getting an instant valuation with our handy tool at the top of this page, or alternatively give one of our friendly advisors a call on 08443 761 020. Not only can we get you the very best price for your car thanks to having scrap and salvage specialists on hand up and down the country, but that same network also means that we are able to come and collect the car direct from your door – totally free of charge. Start your scrap journey today and find out just how much your old Nissan could be worth as scrap.