Scrap My Renault

A major player in the industry for over a century, Renault has revolutionised the world of automotive machines on every landscape, from battlefields to residential roads. Despite their newer models having gained a reputation for being unreliable simply by virtue of being French, Renault cars have cemented themselves as one of the most popular brands to grace British roads.

But, unlike World War One’s FT Tank, present-day Renaults aren’t built to be impenetrable fortresses that can run in the harshest conditions. As such, simple wear and tear or even a fairly minor crash can result in a trip to the scrapyard. When that time comes, Scrap Cars For Cash can help you get the best deal for your calamitous Clio or mangled Megane.

Reasons Renaults Are Scrapped

Regardless of make or model, there’s a multitude of reasons that a car could end up in the crusher. Renaults may not be as unreliable as some brands, but they are still susceptible to wear and tear damage over time that will inevitably cause mechanical failures as things worsen. Once that happens, it can be impossible to get the car back to its former glory without splashing more cash than the motor would be worth in pristine condition. On a similar note, an unsuccessful MOT test – or one that’s destined to happen in the near future – can lead Renault owners to seek out the services of an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF) who will buy their car for scrap or salvage. In many cases, this is the best course of action from a financial standpoint, allowing drivers to profit from their vehicle rather than sink more money into it.

Crash damage after an accident is also an extremely common cause of car scrappage, with insurance companies regularly branding Britain’s motors as ‘write-offs’ when the cost of repair exceeds the value of the vehicle itself. The good news is that if damage is generally isolated to one area of the car (like, for example, the rear after being hit from behind) then most of the components in other areas should still be in perfect working order. If so, the scrap dealer may offer an increased price to purchase your car from you due to the salvage potential.

Scrap Renault Value

Scrap Cars For Cash accepts any Renault in need of scrapping, no matter the condition it’s currently in. Whether it’s run-down or not running at all, we’ll help you find the best deal that the market can offer and get it taken off your hands. Our teams monitor the ever-changing price of scrap metal, taking this into account when finding your quotes. Typically, the heavier the car, the more metal it’s made, and metal is king in the scrap car industry. But, don’t worry if you drive a Twingo; there are plenty of other factors that influence the value of your old car.

Age, mileage and overall condition play a part in increasing your quoted prices, with cars in a better state presenting you with more cash thanks to their salvageable parts. ATFs are legally required to recycle a massive 95% of every vehicle that lands at their door, and when you sell with Scrap Cars For Cash, you’re guaranteed to have the salvageable nature of the motor factored into your quotes.

Most Scrapped Renaults

At Scrap Cars For Cash, we’ve collated the statistics for every model of Renault that’s come through our system in the past six months to find out which cars are being scrapped the most. Well, the Clio comes out top, making up just a fraction under 40% of all Renaults scrapped with us. The Megane comes second with the Scenic in third. About half way down the list you’ll find the Zoe, the company’s electric vehicle. EVs are more difficult to dispose of, but as the stats show, we’re willing and able to do so.

Within the top ten, there’s also the Kangoo and Trafic, two of Renault’s van models – that’s right, we don’t only scrap cars.

Model % of all Renaults Scrapped
Clio 39.4
Megane 21.58
Scenic 12.92
Grand Scenic 5.22
Kangoo 4.37
Trafic 4.37
Laguna 3.65
Modus 2.5
Master 2.07
Other 3.92

The usual suspects top the colour chart, with silver, blue and black taking the podium places (as they do on many of these lists). Turquoise was the least-scrapped colour of Renault, making up a miniscule percentage of the total.

Colour % of all Renaults Scrapped
Silver 22.47
Blue 21.96
Black 19.22
Grey 9.86
Red 9.82
White 7.48
Green 3.04
Gold 2.53
Beige 1.72
Other 1.9

A landslide victory for salvage here, with a whopping 84% of all Renaults on our books over the last six months being stripped of parts or fixed up. Don’t worry, though. Even the cars in the other 16% will have been recycled – 95% of every car we acquire needs to be recycled to keep in line with government regulations.

Disposal Method % of all Renaults Scrapped or Salvaged
Salvage 84
Scrap 16

If your Renault looks or drives like it’s had a run in with a tank, it’s probably time to upgrade to something newer. Scrap Cars For Cash will find you the very best quotes that the current market can offer so that you can sell your old Renault for the highest price possible. Our vast network of scrap buyers can even collect from anywhere in the country, free of charge. Call our sales team on 08443 761 020 or complete the online scrap car valuation form at the top of this page and find out how much your old Renault could be worth as scrap or salvage today!