Scrap My MG

A British classic that, like so many others, has since relocated to China, MG was a staple of the nation’s industry from its inception in the 1920s. Nowadays, there are fewer MGs on the UK’s roads, but still more than enough to populate our scrapyards.

But how do they get there? Damage, caused by a variety of factors, lead them to their demise and when it’s time, Scrap Cars For Cash can MG owners get the biggest payout possible when selling to a scrap buyer.

Reasons MGs Are Scrapped

There are a never-ending number of reasons why someone may choose to scrap their MG. Typically – and this goes for any make and model of car – it’s down to one of two things. Accident damage is an extremely common cause of MG scrappage, with a severe smash putting an owner out of pocket, potentially for more cash than what their car is worth in total. In this case, your insurance company would consider it a write-off, and you’ll probably be better off financially by selling the car as scrap.

The other all-too-common cause for cars to be scrapped is wear and tear damage after years of use. The average age of a scrap car is 14 years, so if your motor is getting to that point in its life, it might be starting to show signs of deterioration. If that’s the case, it may be a mammoth task to replace each component that’s worn down – or even to get it MOT certified for another 12 months. Wear and tear can spell the end for any car and if the refresh job is too costly, consider scrapping with Scrap Cars For Cash instead.

Scrap MG Value

Like any other vehicle, an MG’s scrap value will go up and down depending on the price of scrap metal at the time your quotes are generated. That’s because the raw metal the car is built from is the primary interest of any scrap dealer looking to buy it. As such, a motor’s weight is the first thing that’s taken into consideration when pricing it up for scrap. Heavier car, bigger figure.

There are more factors to be considered when valuing a car that’s due to be scrapped, though. Age, mileage and its overall condition all influence the amount of cash you could earn from selling your MG, with cars in better nick having the potential to surpass the value of bigger vehicles that have been run into the ground. This is down to the value of its internal components, or rather, which ones are salvageable and can be transplanted into other vehicles.

Most Scrapped MGs

Here at Scrap Cars For Cash, we’ve analysed the models of MG on our system to find out which one was scrapped most often over the past six months. The results were far closer than we’ve seen across many of these manufacturer lists, but topping the scrap pile is the ZR. Slipping into second place was the MG F and the ZT took third. In fact, it was fairly close all the way down to fifth, with the ZS being less than 10% behind first place.

Model % of all MGs Scrapped
ZR 21.51
F 19.69
ZT 18.35
TF 16.88
ZS 11.71
6 4.9
3 3.07
B 1.74
ZS 1.02
Other 1.13

A slight surprise on the colour front for anyone who has checked out our lists for other car brands; blue is the winner here. Usual top dog silver could only manage third, and black fell as far as sixth.

Colour % of all MGs Scrapped
Blue 22.68
Grey 18.72
Silver 18.55
Red 14.23
Green 11.36
Black 7.59
White 2.56
Yellow 2.51
Orange 0.72
Other 1.08

A landslide on the disposal method table, with a massive 88% of all MGs that came to us being salvaged rather than scrapped outright. And while this sounds like a huge win for the environment (which it is, really) the other 12% that were crushed will still be dealt with ecologically. Every single car that’s sent to one of our Authorised Treatment Centres (ATFs) must, by law, be at least 95% recycled and used in other ways.

Disposal Method % of all MGs Scrapped or Salvaged
Salvage 88
Scrap 12

If your MG has got to go, Scrap Cars For Cash can help get it sold in a hurry. We’ll find you the best quotes that the scrap market can offer to ensure your car isn’t undervalued and we’ll even arrange for it to be collected absolutely free, no matter where you are in the country. What’s more, the whole process only takes a few days, so the cash will be in your bank before you know what to spend it on! Call our team on 08443 761 020 or fill in the online valuation tool above to find out how much your MG could be worth as scrap or salvage with Scrap Cars For Cash!