Scrap My Polestar

You might be surprised to learn that Swedish-made Polestars have been around since the 90s within the motorsport world, but it’s the more recent (and simply-named) 1 and 2 models – hybrid and electric, respectively – that have started to break onto the scene as public road vehicles.

But despite the cars only being available to everyday drivers for less than a decade, we still get some coming to us at Scrap Cars For Cash that are destined for the crusher. While these cars might not be suffering from severe wear and tear just yet, mechanical failures and road traffic accidents can bring about an early end for any Polestar.

Reasons Polestars Are Scrapped

Surprisingly, unwanted Polestars are scrapped in the UK, despite their relatively new status. This can be for a number of reasons, but one of the most common is crash damage following an accident on the road. EVs are complex, but just like cars with combustion engines, if a smash causes damage that racks up repair fees, you could be looking at a written off Polestar. If this occurs, selling it as scrap is probably going to be the best way to make some money from your car instead of spending big.

As we mentioned, wear and tear damage is unlikely to have run your Polestar down to a scrap-worthy condition just yet, but if it has been driven particularly hard, it’s not impossible. Alternatively, if you’ve had one major component bite the dust, you could still be faced with massive repair bills just to get the car back on the road. Don’t overlook the fact that electric vehicles aren’t exempt from annual MOT tests, too. Fail that and you’ll be forced into making (or paying for) repairs. Not worth it? Scrap your Polestar with Scrap Cars For Cash instead.

Scrap Polestar Value

A Polestar’s scrap value could actually differ from one day to the next. This is because the main factor in determining its worth is its weight. Heavier cars are built from more metal, and metal is the key ingredient that scrap buyers are interested in. We monitor the daily scrap metal prices to ensure you’re always getting the most accurate valuation for your car.

Other characteristics that influence the scrap value of your car include its age, mileage and general condition. There’s not a lot of difference in weight between Polestars 1 and 2, but lighter variants that are in a better state could be worth more money than heavier ones if they’re sold with salvageable parts that can be stripped out and reused.

If the condition of your Polestar has gone south, it might be time to sell it as scrap or salvage and put the money towards something new. Scrap Cars For Cash can get you the best quotes on the market and the whole sales process, from start to finish, takes just a matter of days so you’ll have money in the bank in no time. Thanks to our nationwide fleet of collection vehicles, we can even pick your Polestar up at no extra charge. Call 08443 761 020 or complete the online valuation form above to find out how much your Polestar could be worth as scrap or salvage with Scrap Cars For Cash today!