Scrap My Porsche

One of Germany’s finest automotive exports, Porsches are a symbol of expert German engineering with speed suited to the Autobahn. Since its founding in 1931, the brand has become known worldwide and has produced some genuine classics, like the iconic 911 which has gone on to be reinvented time and time again.

But classic status doesn’t grant immunity from the many afflictions that can lead a car to the scrapyard. Whether it’s damage or depreciation, if your Porsche has had its day, Scrap Cars For Cash can help you get a fair price for selling it as scrap or salvage.

Reasons Porsches Are Scrapped

Despite their suave appearance and lofty price tags, Porsches can end up scrapped for the exact same reasons that even the lowest of low-end motors might. Accidents can be exceptionally costly to repair on any car, but on expensive sports cars, the potential fees could be eye-watering. If your Porsche has been hit on the road, the best option might just be to scrap with Scrap Cars For Cash instead.

Wear and tear is another huge contributor to the scrapyard population around the country and naturally, this will affect older Porsches more than newer ones. Accumulating damage over time and depreciation of components can lead to worsening performance and even a major component failure. This can be a pain at the best of times, but should this happen right before an MOT is due, expect to have to make a big decision: pay to put it right, or sell it for scrap. We can help you maximise your profits from the latter.

Scrap Porsches Value

The scrap value of any car fluctuates from day to day based on the cost of scrap metal. We will always ensure you get the best deal possible in the current market, but the most significant factor taken into consideration when pricing up scrap Porsche quotes is the weight of the car. A Cayenne will initially be worth more than a 911, but further factors can and will be looked at to make a total valuation.

The vehicle’s age, mileage and overall condition all play a part in bumping up your Porsche’s scrap value. A smaller Porsche can surpass a bigger one in value if it’s in good condition with many salvageable parts still intact. Scrap Cars For Cash can also help you sell your car as Salvage and get you the best price for doing so.

Most Scrapped Porsches

At Scrap Cars For Cash, we’ve checked back through our stats to find out which model of Porsche was scrapped with us the most over the past six months. The beastly Cayenne comes first, with owners making the most of the weight-boosted quotes that the industry offers. The Boxter is in second place with 22% and, look away now Porsche enthusiasts, because the third-most scrapped model was the 911!

Model % of all Porsches Scrapped
Cayenne 40.66
Boxster 22.71
911 12.82
Cayman 6.96
944 4.4
Panamera 4.21
Macan 3.48
718 3.11
924 1.28
Other 0.37

On the colour front, black reigns supreme with 35% of all Porsches being this dark shade. Silver is in second, accounting for a quarter of the total on its own while blue is in third. Those who’ve checked out the rest of our lists for other car brands will identify that this an extremely common trio to top this chart.

Colour % of all Porsches Scrapped
Black 35.01
Silver 25.88
Blue 12.85
Grey 10.8
White 5.77
Red 5.21
Green 1.3
Yellow 0.93
Purple 0.74
Other 1.51

Scrapping won out against salvaging where Porsches are concerned. 65% were sent straight to the crusher but don’t worry, they won’t have gone to waste. By law, at least 95% of all vehicles must be recycled, whether they’re crushed or salvaged.

Disposal Method % of all Porsches Scrapped or Salvaged
Scrap 65
Salvage 35

If your Porsche has passed its use-by date, consider selling it with Scrap Cars For Cash and turn a financial loss into pure profit. We’ll track down the best offers that the scrap market can offer and we can even collect your Porsche at no extra cost, no matter where you live. The whole process takes just days to complete, meaning you’ll have money in the bank in no time at all. Call our sales team on 08443 761 020 or fill out the online form above and get your Porsche valued today by Scrap Cars For Cash!