Scrap My Volkswagen

white volkswagen car parked in a large concrete garage

One of the most well known and successful brands in the history of motoring, with a somewhat controversial history, Volkswagen enjoys plenty of models trundling around the British roads. But, even with German reliability, things can go wrong, and Scrap Cars For Cash is here to make sure that any problems you may have with your broken old VW are sorted as soon as possible.

Reasons Volkswagens are scrapped

As with all cars on the road, there is the inherent risk of running into problems through no fault of your own and getting caught up in someone else’s accident. Regardless of who’s fault it was, it doesn’t change the fact that your car is now beyond repair and destined for the scrapyard, and accident damages are one of the most common reasons we see Volkswagens coming through our doors.

It’s not only accident damage that causes VWs to be scrapped, however, and we see plenty of MOT failures, major component malfunctions and simply cars that are just getting a little tired all in need of scrapping with Scrap Cars For Cash.

Scrap Volkswagen Value

There are a number of parameters that can alter the value of your Volkswagen when it comes to scrap, although the most significant factor of all is the weight of your car. The more metal that is on the car, the more that a scrap merchant will be willing to pay for it. However, worry not Polo owners, your car isn’t going to have a large hole in the centre where you wanted the money to be. The age, specific model and overall condition of the car can all add to the scrap value, particularly if there are any usable parts on the car, where it could be sold as salvage for a potentially higher price.

Can I scrap my Electric Volvo?

Yes, you can scrap any kind of vehicle, and this includes electric cars. In fact, you may find that your electric Volvo fetches a higher price, due to the added materials. For example, electric vehicles contain higher quantities of copper, which could bump up your overall scrap value. Plus, electric car batteries are worth a fair bit due to the fact that they’re in high demand but short supply.

Most Scrapped Volkswagens

We’ve taken a look through our books and figured out which Volkswagen models have been scrapped the most over the last six months. The Golf takes gold, perhaps unsurprisingly given the sheer number of them on our roads. Polo and Passat owners were handing over their keys frequently too, with the top-three making up the bulk of all VWs scrapped. Volkswagen’s extensive catalogue of cars means that the remaining 22% was made up of much smaller numbers of many different models. We’ve even got some VW vans on the list – yes, we scrap those, too!

Model % of all VWs Scrapped
Golf 39.57
Polo 23.76
Passat 14.24
Touran 4.19
Beetle 3.94
Fox 2.13
Sharan 1.79
Bora 1.66
Caddy 1.39
Other 7.33

The podium places are a much tighter affair when it comes to the colours of scrapped Volkswagens. However, as usual, silver reigns supreme as the most scrapped colour of VW, closely followed by black and blue.

Colour % of all VWs Scrapped
Silver 25.38
Black 22.36
Blue 20.34
Red 12.06
Grey 10.83
Green 3.64
White 3.55
Beige 0.74
Yellow 0.53
Other 0.57

It’s good to see salvaging take a win here, with it always being preferable to save cars and their components before they’re crushed. Bear in mind, though, that even cars that are scrapped will still be almost entirely recycled one way or another. Legislation rules that 95% of every vehicle must be reused, even if that’s not in its original form. Baked bean cans, perhaps?

Disposal Method % of all VWs Scrapped or Salvaged
Salvage 65

To find out how much your Volkswagen could be worth as scrap, simply use our quick and easy valuation tool at the top of this page, or get in touch with the team on 08443 761 020, and we’ll be happy to help. With a nationwide network of scrap and salvage specialists at our fingertips, we’ll even arrange to come and collect the car from you, wherever you are, absolutely free of charge. Get started today and get your quote within 60 seconds.