Scrap My LDV

Now a relic of a bygone era, LDV was another British brand hailing from the famous automotive industry city of Birmingham. The manufacturer, with strong connections to Rover, produced vans which were even used as ambulances until LDV itself couldn’t be resuscitated following the national recession, ceasing to exist in 2009.

With no LDVs being made for over a decade, it’s no surprise that some worn out models are filtering through our systems here at Scrap Cars For Cash. In fact, the only real surprise should be that we do indeed scrap vans as well as cars. So, if your old LDV is living on borrowed time, it might be a good idea to put it out of its misery and upgrade to something newer, especially if it’s a work van that you rely on to keep your business running.

Reasons LDVs Are Scrapped

Each vehicle that finds its way to one of the UKs Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) arrives at the crusher for its own, individual reason. Even though large vans typically fare better in an accident than smaller vehicles, even damage that seems minor on the surface can be enough to write off an LDV. An MOT failure which will require costly repairs to put right could also result in a van being scrapped and replaced with something more modern.

With LDVs, however, one of the leading reasons for a one-way trip to the scrap heap is age. As we’ve already mentioned, LDVs are getting on a bit now. After years of hard service, these workhorses are going to start showing signs of wear and tear. Eventually, they’ll give out and at that point, it’s just not feasible to keep updating parts under the bonnet. Instead, it’s usually better to make some cash from selling the van to a scrap dealer and put it towards a new one.

Scrap LDV Value

Without a proper consultation to give you a quote, it’s impossible to say just how much an individual LDV would be worth as scrap or salvage. Thankfully though, scrap vehicles are mostly valued based on their weight, because heavier cars or vans will be made of more metal – the commodity that scrap buyers deal in. LDVs and other vans are big by design, meaning the starting point for your offer price is going to be higher than that for a tiny hatchback or low-end coupe. This metal price fluctuates constantly, so our teams at Scrap Cars For Cash monitor it to take any changes into account and ensure you’re always being offered exactly what your van is worth.

Other factors that influence the quoted price for your van include the age and mileage, along with its overall condition. If you’ve kept your LDV in good nick despite many years of hard work, you can expect to be rewarded with a higher value from our buyers. This is due to the salvage and reuse aspect of the industry, with ATFs being legally required to recycle or reuse a massive 95% of any vehicle that they scrap. So, even if your LDV has seen better days, the scrap buyer will still have to make the vast majority of its materials available for reuse.

Most Scrapped LDVs

At Scrap Cars For Cash, we’ve crunched the numbers to see which models of LDV were scrapped the most over the last six months. It’s fair to say that LDVs sales were dominated by two particular models – the Maxus & Convoy – as evidenced by the scrappage figures. A massive 93% of all scrapped LDVs were one of these two models, eclipsing the Pilot & Cub.

Model % of all LDVs Scrapped
Maxus 49.93
Convoy 43.1
Pilot 5.36
Cub 1.62

Perhaps unsurprisingly, LDVs aren’t bought for their flashy, colourful appearance. The vast majority of LDVs that Scrap Cars For Cash acquired were, plainly and simply, white. 70%, in fact, with the next most popular colour being red – just under 12%.

Colour % of all LDVs Scrapped
White 70.11
Red 11.9
Blue 5.43
Silver 3.79
Green 2.45
Yellow 2.38
Black 1.64
Grey 1.56
Cream 0.37
Other 0.37

A close affair between scrapping and salvaging when it comes to LDVs, but salvaging takes the win, just about. The age of LDVs may play a part here, with many of them inevitably wearing down beyond salvageable capabilities. That being said, the 95% rule still applies, so a mere 5% (at most) of every van we take in won’t be recycled in some way.

Disposal Method % of all LDVs Scrapped or Salvaged
Salvage 54
Scrap 46

If it’s finally time to update your business’s haulers and send your LDV – or even your entire fleet of vans – off to the scrap heap in pursuit of newer models, call Scrap Cars For Cash on 08443 761 020 or fill in the form above to get a quote instantly. Our network of scrap dealers stretches nationwide, meaning they’ll even be able to collect your van from anywhere in the country at no extra cost to yourself. Get a quote today and find out just how much your LDV could be worth as scrap or salvage today.