Scrap My IVECO

two black iveco trucks driving on a dual carriageway

The average driver may not be too familiar with IVECO and their products given that they don’t actually make cars, instead framing themselves as an ‘industrial vehicle corporation’ – which, incidentally, is the 3-word phrase that makes up their acronymous name.

But, if you’re reading this, you’re most likely the owner of an IVECO that’s seen better days and are wondering whether it’s time for your van to clock out for good. It might be having MOT issues, or may have been involved in an accident that’s left it out of action and irreparable. No matter what condition your IVECO is in, selling it with Scrap Cars For Cash will give you an influx of cash that can be put towards a newer, better van.

Reasons IVECOs Are Scrapped

Vans are hardy mechanical beasts, but they’re susceptible to damage through wear and tear or dangerous crashes just like any other vehicle. Perhaps your IVECO’s time as a workhorse is over and its reliability is faltering, or maybe it’s inevitable that its upcoming MOT test will end in tears. Often, drivers are better off financially by choosing to replace the van entirely rather than maintain it to a standard which will get it through another 12 months before the next MOT is due.

Alternatively, it might even have been damaged in an accident that’s left it uneconomical to repair. IVECOs are likely to come off better than most other road vehicles in a smash thanks to the sheer size of them, but sometimes all it takes is one bump in the wrong place to classify any motor as a write-off. If any of the above applies to your IVECO, selling it as scrap or salvage might be the best option.

Scrap IVECO Value

Whether it’s a car or a van, it’s impossible to give a concrete valuation for any vehicle without first gathering some information about it from the owner. The good news, though, is that scrap vehicle value is mainly determined by the weight of the van (or more specifically, the weight of the metal it’s made up of) meaning that even the smallest IVECO model could be worth a pretty penny.

Other factors that influence the value include the age, mileage and overall condition of the vehicle, so every IVECO will have a unique value attached to it. The price of scrap metal also fluctuates day by day, but at Scrap Cars For Cash, we monitor the ever-changing cost to ensure that you’re always getting the best deals that the current market can offer.

Most Scrapped IVECOs

We’ve looked through our figures for the last six months to find out which model of IVECO has been scrapped or salvaged most often, and there’s a clear winner. IVECO models may not be household names, but that didn’t stop the Daily from being sent off to one of our Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) significantly more often than any other model. A huge 75% of all IVECOs we acquired were Dailys, in fact, with the Cargo coming second and making up just 15%.

Model % of all IVECOs Scrapped
Daily 75.91
Cargo 15.65
Eurocargo 7.14
Stralis 0.91
Supercargo 0.38

Unsurprisingly, the most popular colour of IVECO that came through our doors was white. Class van colour, after all. There were some more unusual colours on the list, though, including gold, orange and purple.

Colour % of all IVECOs Scrapped
White 74.21
Blue 9.03
Red 5.37
Green 2.65
Silver 2.58
Black 1.79
Yellow 1.79
Grey 1.22
Purple 0.43
Other 0.93

Finally, we examined the difference between the number of IVECOs that were straight-up scrapped and those that were salvaged to donate parts to other vans, or even be repaired and put back on the road themselves. It was close, but more IVECOs were scrapped. This is not all doom and gloom, though. By law, 95% of every vehicle has to be recycled, even if they’re scrapped.

Disposal Method % of all IVECOs Scrapped or Salvaged
Scrap 55
Salvage 45

If your IVECO is crucial to the success of your business, taking the risk of keeping an old, unreliable van could have serious consequences. Keep your company moving by selling your tired IVECO – or even your entire fleet of vans – and getting something new. The process is lightning fast, with the van being taken off your hands and the cash added to your bank account in a matter of days. Our nationwide network of scrap dealers means it can even be collected from anywhere in the country at no extra cost to yourself. Call 08443 761 020 and speak to our sales team, or use the online form above to get a quote instantly.