Scrap My Chrysler

black chrysler parked on a country road at sunset

American cars don’t always fare well on this side of the pond and, unfortunately for Chrysler, the U.S. megacorporation – now called Stellantis – had pulled out of the UK completely by 2017 following constant struggles to keep sales figures up in the country.

However, that doesn’t mean that Britain’s roads are free of Chryslers. In fact, there’s around 30,000 still running which means that our books here at Scrap Cars For Cash will continue to see Chryslers come and go to scrap yards up and down the country.

Reasons Chryslers Are Scrapped

You may think that American cars are built like tanks and are made from enough steel to keep them in one piece forever, but that’s not the case. These cars are just as susceptible to accident damage as any other, which is one of the main reasons that Chryslers end up at the scrapyard. If a smash – perhaps even a minor ‘fender bender’ – leaves it with damage that is uneconomical to repair, selling it as scrap or salvage might be the best option.

Wear and tear is another prominent cause of Chrysler scrappage, and since there are no new motors being made here, all UK Chrysler owners will be driving around in cars that are about to lose their warranty coverage if they haven’t already. Older vehicles in particular will be showing signs of their age with parts wearing down and may even be set to fail an upcoming MOT test. Since wear and tear can affect the entire Chrysler, it can prove costly to replace all of the worn-out parts, which often leads drivers to us at Scrap Cars For Cash instead.

Scrap Chrysler Value

Your Chrysler can come to us in any condition and we’ll give you a fair quote based on a number of factors. While it’s impossible to give a generalised figure for how much a Chrysler is worth, the age, mileage and state of the vehicle will all impact the price you’ll be offered. Cars that come to us in a better condition will have more salvageable parts that can be stripped out and reused, which can have a positive influence on your quotes.

However, the most significant factor to impact the scrap value of your vehicle is its weight. The scrap dealers are interested in the raw metal that your car is made from and naturally, heavier cars are made of more. Don’t fear if you drive a smaller car, though; just remember the other points above that can boost your offers.

Most Scrapped Chryslers

We’ve looked back through our figures over the last six months to find out which models of Chrysler were scrapped the most. Taking the top spot with a whopping 41% is the Grand Voyager, with almost double that of the second-place car, the ‘marmite’ PT Cruiser. The smaller Voyager variant comes third, with the 300C fourth and accounting for a percentage of the total that some people may find concerning…

Model % of all Chryslers Scrapped
Grand Voyager 41.01
PT Cruiser 21.7
Voyager 15.71
300C 6.66
Sebring 5.46
Ypsilon 3.43
Neon 3.16
Crossfire 1.8
Delta 0.57
Other 0.5

Black edges out silver on the colour table by almost exactly 1%, with blue in third. Avid readers of these lists will recognise that this trio regularly take the podium places. Somewhat surprisingly, we did take in more purple and gold Chryslers than white ones, despite white generally being one of the more popular choices for buyers of a new car.

Colour % of all Chryslers Scrapped
Black 27.62
Silver 26.61
Blue 17.04
Grey 9.84
Red 7.98
Green 3.92
Purple 2.27
Gold 1.59
White 1.39
Other 1.74

More than two-thirds of all Chryslers that came to us at Scrap Cars For Cash were stripped of their parts as salvage and used to revive other vehicles, or were resurrected themselves. Don’t worry though, the other 31% that were scrapped outright will have still been recycled in line with government regulations requiring at least 95% of every car to be dealt with ecologically.

Disposal Method % of all Chryslers Scrapped or Salvaged
Salvage 69
Scrap 31

If your Chrysler is ready for the crusher, or perhaps to have its parts stripped down first, Scrap Cars For Cash can whisk it away to one of our licenced Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) after finding you the best scrap quotes that the market can offer. Our nationwide connections allow us to arrange collection of your Chrysler no matter where you are, and at no extra cost, too. Call 08443 761 020 and chat to our sales team or find out how much your car is worth by using our online value calculator and sell your Chrysler today!