Scrap My DS

Created by Citroen in 2009 before going solo in 2015, DS now stands on its own two feet as one of France’s luxurious automobile brands. With plans to go all-electric by 2025, the manufacturer is looking to the future, but with 2009 now over a decade ago, older DS cars will soon start filtering through scrap yards around the UK in greater numbers.

That’s because, on average, cars make it to the grand old age of 14 before being scrapped for one reason or another. It could simply be age, or it might be other kinds of damage; it could even be nothing more than the need for some quick cash. Whatever the case, Scrap Cars For Cash is here to help you sell your DS.

Reasons DS Are Scrapped

We find all makes and models of cars turning up on our doorstep here at Scrap Cars For Cash, but what links them all is that they typically come to us for the same few reasons. Accident damage is a leading cause of car scrappage, with even minor bumps sometimes resulting in enough of a breakage to render the vehicle uneconomical to repair. If your DS is set to be a write-off, turn a ‘total loss’ into your own personal gain by selling it as scrap!

Even cars that aren’t written off after a crash often find themselves on the scrap heap, though. As we mentioned above, the oldest DS cars are well into their twilight years and are about to hit that undesirable 14-year mark. Wear and tear, which can also affect newer cars if they’re driven particularly rough, can chip away at the reliability of one or more internal components and when something major fails, it can be extremely costly to replace – especially if an MOT test is coming up in the near future and time forces your hand. Once again, scrapping can be a lucrative alternative.

Scrap DS Value

When determining the value of a scrap DS, several factors must be considered. However, the base value of any car is dictated by the weight of the vehicle, with heavier cars being worth more due to the sheer amount of metal they’re built from. We keep a close eye on the ever-changing scrap metal market to ensure that you’re never getting an inaccurate valuation on your DS.

Once the weight has been established, further factors are taken into account, such as the age, mileage and overall condition of the car. DS motors that are in a better state are more likely to contain salvageable parts which can be stripped out and used to revive other cars in need of repair. Selling your car as salvage with Scrap Cars For Cash is always an option if your DS is in a worthy condition, and can increase the quoted price you’re offered.

Most Scrapped DS

At Scrap Cars For Cash, we’ve gone through our stats over the last six months to figure out what the most commonly scrapped model of DS was. In what must surely be one of the most one-sided lists of this kind that we’ve compiled, the DS3 -which, incidentally, was the original DS – takes first place with an enormous 86% of the total number of DS cars. The DS4, DS5 and DS7 kept themselves in numerical order throughout the rest of the list, but all three paled in comparison to the DS3!

Model % of all DS Scrapped
DS3 86.47
DS4 7.52
DS5 3.76
DS7 2.26

A close-run race when it comes to colours, but it’s an incredibly monochrome podium with white, grey and black taking the top-three places respectively. Unusually, the fourth most popular colour was purple, which was more popular on the DS cars we scrapped than the likes of red or blue. Silver, which commonly tops these charts, was way down in seventh.

Colour % of all DS Scrapped
White 26.32
Grey 24.06
Black 20.3
Purple 9.77
Blue 6.02
Yellow 6.02
Silver 3.76
Red 2.26
Cream 0.75
Green 0.75

Out of all the DS cars that we helped our customers sell over the last six months, 69% of them were scrapped outright and were unable to be salvaged. Don’t think that this means they were crushed down and are rusting away on a scrap pile. In fact, the law dictates that at least 95% of every single vehicle must be recycled, so by now, they could be being used in entirely different industries.

Disposal Method % of all DS Scrapped or Salvaged
Scrap 69
Salvage 31

If your DS is ready to go on its final one-way journey, sell it as scrap or salvage with Scrap Cars For Cash. We can find you the best deals on the market and can complete the process from start to finish in a matter of days, meaning you’ll have money in your bank before you know it. We’ll even arrange collection from anywhere in the UK at no extra cost to you! Call our sales team on 08443 761 020 or enter your details into our online form at the top of this page to learn how much your car could be worth today.