Scrap My Dacia

The Dacia brand has come a long way since it was the punchline of many Top Gear jokes (and mispronounced along the way), but it still holds that distinction of being a budget brand and all of the traditional impressions that comes with it. Whether or not that’s fair, Dacias are starting to be seen more regularly here at Scrap Cars For Cash, and if you’re looking to get rid of yours as quickly as possible, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Reasons Dacias are scrapped

Price has no bearing on what can cause a car to reach the end of its life, and whether it’s a Dacia or something a little more premium, the problems are the same no matter what you drive. If your car has failed its MOT, or a major component has let it down, then you could well be looking at sending your car away for the final time.

Likewise, if your car has been involved in an accident and faces a major repair bill to get it back on the road – if it’s allowed at all – then you may find that scrapping is the best option for you. While Dacias aren’t that old yet, it won’t be long before they’re starting to reach the motoring equivalent of octogenarians, so we anticipate a few to start coming through our books soon due to general wear and tear.

Scrap Dacia Value

The most significant factor when pricing up the value of a scrap Dacia is the weight of the car. The heavier a car is, the more metal that it’s likely comprised of, meaning it is worth much more to a scrap dealer. However, if you’re driving a Sandero rather than a Duster, then do not worry – if there are any usable parts that can be salvaged from the car, then the age, condition and, believe it or not, even the colour of your car could all boost your Dacia’s value.

Most Scrapped Dacias

We get cars of every make and model come through our system here at Scrap Cars For Cash, so we’ve decided to analyse which model of Dacia was scrapped or salvaged the most over the last six months. The top two models are admittedly very similar, but the Sandero edges ahead of the Stepway variant with 32% and 30% respectively.

Model % of all Dacias Scrapped
Sandero 32.68
Sandero Stepway 30.7
Duster 22.81
Logan 13.82

Dacias are famous for their no-frills, basic appearance which seems to extend even to the shade of their paint, with white being the most scrapped colour of the Romanian motors.

In fact, many of the more expressive colours you’ll find on our other make and model lists aren’t present here, with scrapped or salvaged Dacias coming to us in much less garish colours.

Colour % of all Dacias Scrapped
White 35.51
Blue 21.98
Black 19.32
Silver 11.84
Grey 8.21
Brown 1.45
Orange 0.97
Beige 0.72

Scrap wins out over salvage when analysing Dacias statistics, with almost two-thirds being crushed. However, these cars aren’t just left to rust on a scrap heap. Legally, 95% of every car that comes to us must be recycled to be reused in one way or another.

Disposal Method % of all Dacias Scrapped or Salvaged
Scrap 64
Salvage 36

If your Dacia is starting to look like it’s time to say goodbye, then get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team on 08443 761 020 and they’ll be able to help you find the best price for your car, no matter its condition. It also won’t matter where you’re calling us from, as our nationwide network of scrap and salvage buyers means we can arrange a free collection, anywhere in the country. Get started today, and if you want a quote in an instant, use our quick and easy online valuation tool at the top of this page.