Scrap My Mercedes

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The world’s oldest car manufacturer, Mercedes-Benz is an historic brand that has well and truly stood the test of time, thriving thanks not only to its prestige but also because of its classy demeanour and famed German engineering.

However, good construction can only get a car so far before the wheels come off… sometimes literally. Scrap Cars For Cash help Merc owners find scrap and salvage buyers to purchase their car when it’s failed its MOT test, suffered significant damage in an accident or simply started to show signs of wear and tear. You’ll even receive your payment in just a matter of days.

Reasons Mercedes Are Scrapped

As with all high-end vehicles, the decision to send them to the crusher is one that would make some drivers wince. However, on many occasions, it’s the best choice from an economical standpoint. Many Mercs are scrapped because they’ve been involved in an accident, leaving them with irreparable crash damage that deems the car a write-off. In the worst cases, these cars are immediately crushed, but if the smash has only hurt a portion of the car, the rest might be salvageable.

Wear and tear is another extremely common cause of Mercedes cars being sold to scrap dealers. With many older Mercs now on their way to being considered classics, it’s only natural that time takes its toll on them and signs of age begin to appear. If this manifests itself in the form of regular breakdowns, or if you want to nip this inevitable problem in the bud, it might be time to upgrade to something newer. This particular issue usually rears its ugly head around MOT time, with many cars coming through our system because of an MOT test failure that’s just too pricey to put right.

Scrap Mercedes Value

While it’s impossible to publish a concrete figure for the value of any scrap vehicle, we can list what factors influence the price you’ll be offered if you sell with Scrap Cars For Cash. First and foremost, the weight of the car is the primary indicator due to the fact that our buyers are mostly interested in the raw metal that your Merc is made from. Bigger, heavier cars will be built from more metal, leading to a higher starting point when a quote is being generated.

Don’t panic if you drive an A-Class as opposed to a GLS, though. Simply by virtue of being a Mercedes-Benz, you’re likely to receive a boost to your quoted price since the specific make and model of the vehicle you’re scrapping impacts the offer. Age, mileage and overall condition is also factored in, with cars in a better health will make waves on the salvage market. Even if your car has been damaged in a crash, any preserved parts can be removed and reused, bumping up the scrap value of your car.

Can I scrap my Electric Mercedes?

Yes, you can scrap any kind of vehicle, and this includes electric cars. In fact, you may find that your electric Mercedes fetches a higher price, due to the added materials. For example, electric vehicles contain higher quantities of copper, which could bump up your overall scrap value. Plus, electric car batteries are worth a fair bit due to the fact that they’re in high demand but short supply.

Most Scrapped Mercedes

Mercedes has an extensive portfolio of vehicles under their belt, and a lot of them get scrapped each year. We’ve taken a look at our figures for the last six months to determine which Mercs are scrapped or salvaged the most. In first place, by some distance, it’s the C-Class. 32% of all Mercedes that come through our doors, in fact, with the A-Class way behind in second place.

Model % of all Mercedes Scrapped
C-Class 32.03
A-Class 17.59
E-Class 12.68
CLK 6.62
Sprinter 5.89
Vito 5.69
M-Class 4.49
B-Class 3.89
SLK 3.3
Other 7.82

Running away with the title of ‘most scrapped colour of Mercedes in the last six months’ is silver! Black and blue follow, but silver takes the gold by more than 16%. Incidentally, gold is eighth on the list. Way down at the bottom, there’s pink! Pink Mercs are a thing, apparently.

Colour % of all Mercedes Scrapped
Silver 38.49
Black 21.95
Blue 16.13
White 10.24
Grey 5.57
Red 3.98
Green 1.5
Gold 0.55
Yellow 0.35
Other 1.24

Now, the disposal method stats were so tight, we’ve had to bring decimals into play. Surprisingly, it’s scrap that wins out here, with 50.2% of all Mercs being crushed. 49.8% were salvaged, allowing for their parts to revive other ailing vehicles, or perhaps even being repaired and put back on the road themselves. 

Whatever the outcome, 95% of every car we bring in must, by law, be recycled so waste is kept to the absolute minimum.

Disposal Method % of all Mercedes Scrapped or Salvaged
Scrap 50.2
Salvage 49.8

If your Mercedes is driving you round the bend, whether that’s because of constant breakdowns or an ageing appearance, Scrap Cars For Cash can help you sell it as scrap or salvage in a matter of days at most. We find you the best quotes that the market can offer and thanks to our network of scrap dealers, we can even offer nationwide collection at no extra cost to yourself. Call our team on 08443 761 020 or use our online scrap value calculator to find out how much your old Merc could be worth today.