Can I Scrap A Car Without Keys?

Take one component away from any vehicle and, much like a house of cards, it’s likely that the whole operation will fail. This goes for everything from the tyres to the window washer fluid – it all needs to work together to keep the vehicle moving as intended. When thinking of the parts of a car that are necessary to get it working, there’s one thing that many overlook. That’s because it’s not physically part of the car, and is in fact something that can (and does) fit in your pocket. That’s right – we’re talking about car keys.

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Car Scrapping Process

The complete process of scrapping a car is fairly complex, but for our customers, we’ve simplified it to take as little time and effort as possible:

How It Works For Our Customers

First of all, get a quote by giving us a call on the number above or by filling in your details on the form at the top of the page. You’ll be given a price for your car almost instantly, and if your car has a few quirks that need to be discussed, this can also be done over the phone.

Once you’ve accepted an offer, you’ll be put in touch with the local ATF that will be dealing with your car. They will contact you to work out a suitable date and time for the collection of the vehicle to take place.

Then, it’s as simple as waiting for collection time, presenting the required documents, and handing over the keys. “But wait, I don’t have my keys… that’s why I’m here” we hear you cry. Don’t worry – we can still take your car. Read on to find out what may happen differently.

How It Works For Our ATF Partners

Now you know how it all works from your point of view, we’ll give you some insight on what happens to your car after it’s been taken:

Once all of the relevant paperwork has been presented and the collection agent is satisfied that the vehicle was accurately described, they will load it onto their truck and take it away to its final destination – their ATF.

Next, the vehicle will be drained of any remaining fuel (in a safe and environmentally friendly manner) and broken down and, if it’s been sold as salvage, it will be stripped of surviving parts that could be reused. Whether scrap or salvage though, other parts of the car will be separated out during the process so that at least 95% of the vehicle’s mass can be recycled.

Ultimately, your car will end up in the crusher where the metal and other parts will be turned back into raw materials that can be recycled and reused. Metal, plastics, fabrics and even oils can be saved and put to good use in other ways.

Is It Possible To Scrap A Car Without Any Keys?

So, you don’t have the keys for your car but, as we’ve already established, you can still sell it as scrap. The process just works slightly differently for all parties.

Make sure we’re aware that you don’t have any keys for the car as soon as possible. This is so that we can show you offers exclusively from buyers that have the equipment to deal with cars that can’t be accessed. Our buyers will take non-runners and cars that have suffered catastrophic damage, but the issue here involves the loading process, with some ATFs not having access to vehicle loading equipment that can lift a car onto the truck’s bed. Usually, the vehicle’s wheels would be straightened and the handbrake released for it to be pulled onto the truck. Without access to the car’s interior this won’t be possible, and even if you were to pry a window down, the steering wheel would lock without the key in the ignition anyway.

You may also have to answer a few more questions to prove that you are the rightful owner of the car and do indeed have permission to scrap it.

Will I Get A Lower Price For My Car Without Keys?

If your car is being sold as scrap and can be loaded onto a regular truck without issue, then your price shouldn’t be affected. However, if your car is considered salvage, it will need to be tested to find out which parts work and can be stripped out. Obviously, a replacement set of keys will have to be sourced in order to do this, so your price may be impacted by this.

You could also find your price affected by the need for specialist loading equipment required by the ATF dealing with your vehicle, but have faith – we will always find you the absolute highest price in any situation.

What Can I Do If I’ve Lost My Car Keys?

With everything above in mind, what are your options? If you’ve lost your keys and want to scrap the car, let us know and we’ll do everything in our power to find you an ATF that can accommodate your challenging needs. There is a wide range of kit available for moving cars, so chances are that somebody in your area will have something that can get the job done.

However, on the off chance that there isn’t an ATF around that’s able pick up your car, your next best option might be to purchase a set of replacement keys. They are available from dealerships or locksmiths within the automotive industry, but the bad news is that they can be very, very expensive.

If you’re ready to scrap your car and want to find out if there’s an ATF in your area that can deal with a difficult job, give Scrap Cars For Cash a call on 08443 761 020 or fill in the digital form at the top of this page. We’ll get you the best deal around and offer UK-wide collection at no extra cost. Sell your car and bank a lump sum of cash in just a few days – get a quote now!