How To Find Out If A Car Has Been Scrapped

Pre-2013, it was incredibly easy to sell a car as scrap with no questions asked and pocket a wedge of cash before forgetting the vehicle ever existed and going on with life. These days, the process is much more regulated, with good reason. The introduction of 2013’s Scrap Metal Dealers Act aimed to crack down on the illegal sale of stolen cars being sold along with the misuse of vehicles that were sold as scrap by disreputable scrap and salvage buyers.

This is how you can know for sure that your car has been scrapped after you’ve sold it, and how you can check whether a motor you’re looking at buying has actually been sold for scrap or salvage in the past.

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How To Ensure Your Own Vehicle Has Been Scrapped

After you’ve handed off your car keys to whoever is scrapping your car, you might think it’s no longer your problem – after all, in just a few hours it’ll probably be crushed into oblivion, right? Even though that’s what is supposed to happen, it’s not always what does happen. Illegitimate scrap buyers might tell you that they’re going to dispose of your car when actually they’re planning to fix it up (most likely to a condition that wouldn’t even pass an MOT) and sell it on.

Whatever their plan, it’s not legal and is probably going to put other road users in danger. The worst part for you is that if your car is still active, you’ll be the one getting fines and other legal consequences.

The sure-fire way to know that your vehicle has been scrapped comes in the form of a document known as a CoD. It stands for Certificate of Destruction, and is irrefutable proof that a car or van is no more. When you scrap with a legitimate company like Scrap Cars For Cash, you’ll be issued one of these certificates – that’s a guarantee.

How To See If A Vehicle Has Been Recorded As Scrap

If you’re the buyer rather than the seller and you want a rundown of a vehicle’s history before you hand over your hard earned cash, then the best thing to do is to pay the (relatively small) fee for a HPI check. This will show you an in-depth breakdown of the car’s life, including any outstanding finance it may have, whether it’s been recorded stolen or, of course, if it has ever been recorded as being scrapped. If you’re about to buy a car that’s apparently been scrapped, walk away. Who knows what kind of legal or mechanical issues that motor might have.

It’s also worth noting that, when browsing the web for HPI checks, you’ll find lots that claim to offer the service free. The chances of these being legitimate are equally as slim – if you want to be 100% sure, seek out a trusted source.

Why Might You Need To Know If A Vehicle Has Been Scrapped?

If you’re browsing the forecourts or online car sales listings, they will mostly all look like decent, reliable vehicles on the surface. Often, problems will only become evident after giving the car a thorough examination beneath the bodywork. Unfortunately, not everyone is knowledgeable when it comes to automotive mechanics to do this prior to making a purchase.

As a buyer

If you were to buy a car and only later realise that it had previously been scrapped, it’s likely that your new ride has been repaired and restored with little to no care and could potentially be a disaster waiting to happen. Cars are usually scrapped because they’re no longer suitable for use on the road, and a botch job by scam scrappers to make a vehicle drivable again is almost certain to be dangerous – and highly unlikely to pass its MOT.

As a seller

On the other hand, if your car is “scrapped” and then turns up at the scene of criminal activity, or is even involved in something as simple as triggering a speed trap, you will be the one on the receiving end of any correspondence from the law. That’s why we cannot stress enough how important it is to get your hands on a CoD when you scrap your car.

Now you know why it’s vital to use a trustworthy business to sell your vehicle as scrap or salvage. Scrap Cars For Cash will find you the best price from professional scrap buyers in your local area. We never work with dealers who aren’t registered as an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF). Better still, we offer free collection for your vehicle no matter where you are in the UK, so get a quote today by calling 08443 761 020 or entering your details into the form at the top of this page.