How You Can Sell Your Car for Spares & Repairs

Sustainability is a huge talking point at the moment, especially in the retail industry. While car sales may not fall under the traditional retail umbrella, the manufacture of the vehicles we use each day can definitely have a bigger impact on the environment than the production of t-shirts and shoes. That’s why it’s essential, now more than ever, to recycle and reuse components from your car when the time comes to move on to a new motor.

This is how breaking a car for parts can make you money. You can sell your car so that its parts can be extracted and installed into a different car that might be one small valve, plug or converter away from being deemed roadworthy once more.

Can I Remove Parts Myself at Home?

Technically, yes. There’s nothing stopping you from breaking down your vehicle on your own private land, but that doesn’t mean you should. Car breaking specialists exist for a reason: It’s a tough job. You need to fully understand the inner workings of a car to be able to remove components safely. Failure to do so could result in injury or damage to the part you’re trying to remove and other bits around it. If you don’t know what’s under the bonnet, attempting to take parts out in the blind hope of striking gold can be foolish and leave you with a vehicle that’s worth less now than before you started.

There’s also the point of the equipment you’ll need. Simply jacking up your car and climbing underneath is downright dangerous and should not be done. Understand that even the smallest cars on the market today, like the tiny, electric Citroen Ami weigh almost half a ton and will cause serious injury, if not death, when they fall on you

Finally, you need to store all these components somewhere. Unless you’re operating a car breaking business from home, it’s unlikely that you’ll have customers lined up and ready to take the car parts off your hands the moment they’re removed from the vehicle. Storing them, the car itself, and your equipment will require a lot of space. It’s not the kind of operation you can run from a small studio flat, that’s for sure.

Who Can I Sell My Car to for Spares & Repairs?

Us! Here at Scrap Cars For Cash, we don’t just take cars that have reached the end of their road. We work with dealers who can make the most of even the smallest parts in your old car, extracting and reusing whatever they can save from the crusher. Scrap Cars For Cash can work out the value of your car based on the details you give us about its condition, making it possible to sell your car for spare parts. We’ll take it off your hands no matter what state it’s in – the buyer will then work their magic to strip it of everything worth salvaging.

How Does Salvaging Work?

Car salvaging is, at its core, similar to scrapping… as far as the customer is concerned, at least. The process on your end should be exactly the same, and will be if you sell your salvage car through Scrap Cars For Cash. Once the buyer has taken your car to their yard, they’ll assess it further to establish its onward potential. How much of it can be saved? Can it be fixed up and put back on the road? These are the questions they’ll consider before the car is given a category;

  • A – Scrap: Nothing can be extracted from the vehicle.
  • B – Break: Parts can be removed from the car but the outer shell must be crushed.
  • S – Structural: The car has suffered structural damage, but can be repaired.
  • N – Non-structural: The vehicle has not suffered structural damage and can be made roadworthy again.

If the car falls into category A, it unfortunately can’t be salvaged in any way. S & N can be repaired and resold, but their value will have dropped and they’ll have their category tarnishing their record forevermore.

Category B cars are the real root of ‘spares & repairs’, with their components being transplanted into other vehicles that are in a far better condition and just need one or two bits to get going again.

If your car has suffered some damage but everything beneath the bonnet seems to be in working order, you should think about selling it for spares & repairs through Scrap Cars For Cash. Sometimes, the cost of repairing a vehicle might outweigh the price, ease and excitement of buying a new car, so why not make some money off it to put towards a new motor? We’ll give you the best quote instantly and our nationwide fleet of collectors will pick up your car at no extra cost.