10 Top Reasons to Use a Car Scrapper Company

When the time comes for your car to be prepared for one last trip to the scrap yard, you can be left with a number of options open to you. Do you back your own knowledge of cars and try to sell it yourself to the nearest scrap metal merchant, haggling the best deal that you believe your car deserves? Or do you leave it to the professionals to look after and try to avoid any stress in the process? By using a specialist scrap company, such as Scrap Cars For Cash, you will enjoy a number of benefits that would be much more difficult to take advantage of if you were doing it all yourself. Let us talk you through why a car scrapping company is your best option.


1 – Unbeatable price

Let’s start with the obvious one. When you’re scrapping a car, you’re going to want to get as much money out of your tired old motor as possible, and by using a company such as Scrap Cars For Cash, you’re assuring that that’s exactly what you’ll be getting. Our team monitors the price of scrap metal nationwide on a daily basis, and working with specialist scrap and salvage dealers across the country means that we’re able to provide you with a price that simply cannot be beaten elsewhere. 


2 – Free collection

With our nationwide network of salvage and scrap dealers on hand, not only can you get the very best price for your car, but you can also get rid of it for free, too. Collection is included as part of Scrap Cars For Cash’s service to you, meaning that you will not have to worry about how your car is going to get to the scrap yard when the big day arrives. If you were to be arranging this alone, without Scrap Cars For Cash’s help, then it is more than likely that you will be paying to transport your old car.


3 – No hidden fees

With Scrap Cars For Cash, the price you’re quoted is the price that you receive. We’ve already mentioned collection, but as long as you have been honest with our advisors from the outset with regards to the condition of your car, you’ll receive every penny that you were quoted at the start. From the moment you accept a quote from Scrap Cars For Cash it is guaranteed and will be paid to you on collection, subject to inspection.


4 – All paperwork sorted

Selling a car always involves an element of paperwork, and there’s no getting around that fact. However, by using Scrap Cars For Cash, we do everything so you don’t have to. You will not have to contact the DVLA at any point – all you need to do is complete section 9 of your V5C log book when the collector comes for your car and that’s it. We’ll do the rest.


5 – Environmentally friendly

Scrap Cars for Cash only uses Authorised Treatment Facilities (ATFs) for our services, which means you will be safe in the knowledge that any work being carried out on your car before, or even during, the scrapping process is performed completely within government guidelines and that the vehicle is being broken down and recycled as much as possible. An ATF is the only place you can legally take a car to be scrapped, and by using Scrap Cars For Cash you know that there’s no danger of sending the car off to an unlicensed breaker – possibly landing you in hot water with the law.


6 – Guaranteed figure

When you receive a quote from Scrap Cars for Cash, the price you’re offered is the price you receive, subject to inspection. Unlike some other companies who will drop in hidden fees here and there, Scrap Cars For Cash locks in your price the moment you accept an offer, and that’s what makes its way into your bank account at the end of the process.


7 – No risk of illegality

One of the biggest risks of trying to scrap your car yourself is making sure you’re going to the right person to scrap your car. Following the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, cars may only be scrapped if they have gone via an Authorised Treatment Facility, and you as the car’s final owner could be liable if it has been scrapped illegally. If you have gone through a slightly dodgy dealer, there’s no guarantee they’ll keep their word when it comes to contacting the DVLA either, meaning you could find fines coming through to you in the future, even if the car is no longer with you, as it could still be registered under your name. Scrap Cars For Cash only deals with certified and trusted scrap dealers, so there are no risks of this type of behaviour with any one of our partners.


8 – Scrap any vehicle just as easily

Whether you’re scrapping an SUV, a sports car, a van, a motorbike or even a bus, the process with Scrap Cars For Cash is identical across the board. Simply give us your registration number and your postcode and we’ll fill in the rest – we may ask for more details if the vehicle is being sold for salvage, but again, the process remains identical no matter what the vehicle is. If you were to go direct to scrap yards, you may find they change their offers or practices if looking to scrap a larger, more awkward vehicle.


9 – Faster than going privately

If you’re going it alone, then you’ll have to do all of your research, all of your communication and all of your paperwork yourself, meaning the process could take weeks, if not longer, before the car finally leaves your driveway and stops causing you problems. By using Scrap Cars For Cash, the entire operation can be done in a matter of days, sometimes even shorter, removing your troubled vehicle much faster than if you were doing it yourself and – more importantly – getting the money in your account much, much faster.


10 – You’re still in control

While you may be concerned that handing the process over to one of our advisors could mean that you’re no longer in the driving seat of the sale of your own car, it’s still your decision before anything is done. You do not have to accept any offers, and likewise you will not be told when the car needs to be picked up. Everything will be done with your cooperation, and no decisions will be made until you have accepted them.


Now you know what it is that makes scrapping companies so handy, why not get started today and finally get rid of that troubled car clogging up your driveway? Simply give the team a call on 08443 761 020 or use the instant quote generator at the top of this page and find out just how much your car could be worth as scrap.