How To Buy A Salvage Car

How To Buy A Salvage Car

If you’re in the market for a new motor but don’t want to spend a small fortune on something just to get you from A to B, then you might not find what you’re looking for on main dealer forecourts or mainstream online listings. Instead, could find a bargain in the place that many drivers wouldn’t dare venture – the salvage vehicle market. However, before you start looking at cars that have been previously written off, it’s important to know that not every car is repaired equally. Your bargain buy could end up being a bit of a nightmare.

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What Is A Salvage Car?

A salvage car is any vehicle that has previously been written off after suffering significant damage. Whilst the damage was not so severe that the car had to be destroyed entirely (this does happen, and we’ll talk about it further down the page) it does mean that the investment of time, money and effort to repair the vehicle is too extensive to make it worthwhile. However, from a legal perspective, the car is redeemable – or salvageable – meaning that it can be put back on the road safely once the required repairs have been completed.

How Are Salvage Vehicles Categorised?

When your insurance company writes off your car, it will be placed into one of four categories. These groups are titled with a single letter each – A, B, S and N – and are used to describe not only the extent of your vehicle’s damage, but also what can be done with it next.

Category A – Scrap

Category A cars are the most severely damaged and must be scrapped in their entirety. No parts can be salvaged and returned to the road in any vehicle safely. If your car has been given a ‘Cat A’ branding, it’s time to get rid.

Category B – Break

‘Cat B’ cars aren’t quite as hard done by as those in the previous category, but they also must be disposed of and will never be roadworthy again. The difference being that category B vehicles can be stripped of surviving parts, which can be used individually in other cars.

Category S – Structural

Category S encapsulates cars that can be put back on the road legally, once they’ve been repaired. Their damage is still quite significant, with the structure of the vehicle – the chassis, pillars, etc – having been impacted (literally) by the crash and knocked out of shape.

Category N – Non-structural

‘Cat N’ cars are still write offs, don’t forget that, but their damage is likely to only be cosmetic. They might not be dangerous and can be released back onto the road once repaired, just like category S vehicles, but it’s important to remember that the fees to fix them up might outweigh their actual value.

Another vital piece of information to bear in mind – any car that has been placed into a salvage category will have that branding for life. I cannot be removed.

How To Calculate The Value Of A Salvage Car

There are a few factors that influence the value of a salvage car. The make and model can have an impact on the price, along with the condition of the vehicle. If it has more parts intact, you’re likely to receive a higher price. There’s also the ever-changing market value of metal to consider, which can change the price of any car.

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