How Do I Keep My Private Plate When I Scrap My Car?

Anyone who’s ever looked into getting a private plate, whether or not they actually went ahead with the purchase, will know just how expensive these things are. With that lofty price tag comes the precious nature that many drivers feel toward the personalised sequence of letters and numbers that adorns the front and rear of their car. A personalised number plate can be just as important to some, as the make and model of their car. So when it’s time to scrap that vehicle, how do you ensure that your private plate doesn’t end up crushed along with it? This is how.

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How Much Does It Cost To Retain A Private Number Plate?

As expensive as it can be to get a private plate in the first place, it’s also not free to take it off your existing car to put it onto a new one. That privilege will set you back another £80, and that’s assuming you’ve got your logbook (or V5C, to give it its proper name). If you’re without the logbook and need to get a replacement, that in itself will cost £25.

Complete The Paperwork Online Or By Post?

This process can be completed using both methods. These days it goes without saying that online applications for number plate retention are not only more straightforward to complete, but also the default option used by the majority of drivers. The online process can be completed on the government’s website.

However, those who still prefer to do their business using the postal service have this option too. To do so you’ll need to send the following to the DVLA:

  • A V317 form (this will feature the address that it should be sent to)
  • The car’s V5C/logbook
  • The £80 fee

What Is A V317 Form?

Form V317 is the short name for one of the DVLA documents that relates to vehicle number plates. Its full title is ‘Apply to keep a vehicle registration number and put it on another vehicle’ and it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Using this form allows a motorist to transfer their personalised number plate from one car to another in the following manner:

  • You must be transferring from one vehicle to another car that’s in your name.
  • You can transfer to a vehicle that you’re buying.
  • You can transfer to someone else’s car.

If you’re transferring the plate to a car that’s not in your name, then both yourself and the owner of the other car will have to complete the application process.

What Is A V778 Form?

The V778 is a similar form that, along with proving that you are the rightful owner of the number plate in question, also allows you to retain the personalisation and remove it from any vehicle completely, as opposed to having to switch it directly to another car.

If you’ve purchased a private plate, you should always ensure you have (and keep hold of) the V778 form, or the alternative V750. You will also need this to renew your right to the personalised plate, which is something that you must do every ten years (or sooner, if you purchased it before 2015).

Sell Your Car After Removing The Private Plate

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Private Plate FAQs

There’s more to know about private plates, so we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions on the subject:

How long can you keep a private plate on retention?

A private plate can be retained for 10 years initially, before your ownership of it will need to be renewed. It could be off a vehicle for the entire decade, but will still need to be renewed in just the same way as if it was attached to a car the whole time.

Do I need to remove my private plate before selling?

If you want to keep it, yes. Otherwise, when the car is sold to another driver or as scrap, your private plate is sold with it and becomes the property of the vehicle’s new owner. Make sure you either transfer or retain the plate beforehand.

Can I put my private plate on retention online?

Yes, this can be done online on the government’s website.