Top 10 Most Searched Cars for Transmission Problems

When you buy a car, there’s always an element of uncertainty around how long it’ll last before something goes wrong. Cars that are fresh off the production line should be more reliable, but won’t be totally invincible, while buying a second-hand vehicle can sometimes feel like pot luck. That’s why it’s always important to do some research before you lay down your cash and why we’ve put together this list of the top 10 cars that have problems with their transmissions.

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Ford Powershift Automatic Transmission

The Ford Powershift transmission used in its automatic cars had problems that the manufacturer was aware of before production began, but the American company went ahead and used it anyway. The dual-clutch system, which also operates dry (lacking the use of hydraulic fluid) means that it often slips and struggles with rough engagement.

Kia Venga Automatic Transmission

The Kia Venga struggled with its automatic transmission, often feeling underpowered because of it. Some Kia users also reported that in certain situations, like pulling away at a roundabout, the gearbox had trouble getting the car moving because it would shift up too early, giving the car minimal acceleration power.

2018 Toyota RAV4 Transmission

Generally a reliable car, 2018’s RAV4 did suffer with some unlikely problems, particularly with its automatic transmission (you might be noticing a trend, here). However, these issues are far less serious than those in the Ford Powershift gearbox, mainly impacting the ability to put the car into reverse. This could sometimes be a bit rough, but there were also claims that transmission shudders were present at medium speeds. Toyota saved face by extending warranties for customers affected by this.

Suzuki Ignis Automatic Transmission

Another automatic transmission makes this list, with similar problems all round for the Suzuki Ignis. Slipping transmissions resulting in rough shifting and jerky acceleration, particularly shortly after starting the engine, can be common. However, a faulty torque converter can also cause issues that result in the clutch failing to engage properly.

Ford Kuga Transmission

It’s another Ford, and once again it’s the Powershift dual-clutch causing problems. These transmissions are so susceptible to breaking in fact, that it’s not uncommon for them to give out before they even hit 100,000 miles!

VW Crafter Transmission

Reliability is arguably more important in a van than a car since it’s likely that your livelihood could come crashing down if things break. That’s why the transmission problems in the VW Crafter can hit drivers hard. A lack of lubrication can cause havoc, while clutch engagement problems are also prevalent.

2013 BMW X3

This 2013 model suffers from delays in shifting gear, with jumping and grinding when accelerating also being common. Shaking or juddering is well documented too, as is the case with many of the other cars on this list. BMW drivers might even notice a burning smell or whistling noise from under the bonnet.

2015 VW Tiguan Transmission

This 2015 Tiguan suffers the same problems as the BMW X3, listed just above, while the automatic transmission version also features faults like many of the other cars on this list, including the lethargic pulling-off from roundabouts or other standstill scenarios.

2023 Kia Sportage Transmission

The Kia Sportage, despite being a very recent addition to the market, struggles with its transmission at times. The clutch is known to slip and suffer from rough gear shifting, however there is a known issue involving bolts rubbing through some of the vehicle’s wiring.

Fiat 500 Dualogic Transmission

Not only does Fiat’s Dualogic gearbox suffer from the classic transmission problems that many of those on this list are also struck down by, it’s also very expensive to replace!

Selling A Car With Transmission Problems

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